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Thread: SurfaceDJ on the iPhone!

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    Default SurfaceDJ on the iPhone!
    Hey guys, I just wanted to get your feedback on our app we just released in the app store called "SurfaceDJ." It is a music app that lets even the worst musician compose their own DJ mix and lets you record them and mix your own sets.

    We spent a lot of time to try and get the music just right so that no matter how you mix the songs together, it will always produce a musically correct song.

    We also really want to take this app further and provide a lot more user-requested features, so any feedback would be much appreciated.

    There is a free version to check out (SurfaceDJ lite) or the Pro version (SurfaceDJ) for $1.99.

    Link to SurfaceDJ

    Thanks everyone, and let me know what you think!
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    never tried it, but it sounds interesting

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    I have to say I was really disappointed in this app.

    While visually beautiful and full of great music tracks all the app does is let you change the volume of instruments. That's just boring to me.

    Presentation: 7
    Simple to use with no glaring omissions. You'll be "playing" in half a second.

    Graphics: 9
    It is a very beautifully drawn application and is quite pleasing to the eye.

    Sound: 8
    The music tracks are very well done and sound great.
    There was no lag in the sound but that's to be expected when all you're doing is changing volume.

    Gameplay: 1
    This is where it all falls apart. Literally all you do is drag instrument icons around the screen and as they get closer to the top of the screen they get louder. That's it. There's no "game" to speak of and it doesn't feel like making music to me. It feels like turning the volume knob on a few radios.

    Lasting Appeal: 0
    I "played" it twice. Once when I downloaded it and once to show a friend and to let him decide if he wanted to buy it. He didn't.

    Overall: 4
    I respect the work that went into building the app and don't wish to be cruel to the developers but I personally found this very, very boring. It felt no different than standing in front of my receiver and turning the volume up and down.

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