Hey fellow iPhoners,

I know the official AIM app is lame compared to some of the third-party clients now available, but bare with me. While using the official app, I noticed an oddity. Whenever I have AIM open, my iPhone 3g never autolocks, despite the fact that I have it set to 1 minute autolock. Doesn't dim, doesn't lock, doesn't sleep, nothing...no matter how long I wait.

Now, the autolock works fine in any other app. And of course if I'm in AIM and go back to the home screen, the phone autolocks as well. But not if I have AIM open. I've looked at all the AIM settings, and tried while connected to both wifi and EDGE with the same result. Tried rebooting the iPhone, and even tried uninstalling and reinstalling AIM.

Now I'm just curious if this is an issue with my particular phone or with the AIM app itself.

Could someone else test this out for me? Will your iPhone autolock with the AIM screen open?