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Thread: iMafia Thread

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    Default iMafia Thread
    I play iMafia and it's a fun game just very time consuming to save up energy to do missions.

    I'm a Lvl: 11 Workaholic

    15K in cash, 20 Energy, 5 Stamina.

    Hard to make money and keep it because of the health you lose in fights.

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    Get imob instead, it was the original mafia game and its a lot more fun.
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    I had iMob but I didn't like it, I'll give it another go. I was just wondering why there wasn't an iMafia thread. I see like 8 iMob threads. Thanks kjack
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    Here's some pointers regarding iMafia (from a workaholic viewpoint):

    1. Spend your level up points on energy only for a while
    2. Bank your money as soon as you get it (since you won't be building up your attack / def points you don't want it to get stolen)
    3. The most "cost effective" jobs are as follows (ranked by minimum gain of $ per energy spent):
    A. Local Shop Extortion ($400 per point)
    B. Local Smuggling ($400 per point)
    C. Domestic Smuggling ($2,666 per point)
    D. Bank Robbery ($4,000 per point)
    Just keep saving up your energy completing the highest "available" job you can until you have the money and resources for the next available job
    4. Once you get to level 15ish you should be able to complete Bank Robbery (15 mafia members, 15 M4A1 Colts & 3 Hummers) now start moving onto properties. The best property returns in correlation with initial investment are as follows:
    A. Strip Mall (2.4% return)
    B. Hotel (2.2% return)
    C. Gas Station (2.2% return)
    D. Apartment (2% return)
    E. Studio (2% return)
    I advise saving up your money until you can purchase a Strip Mall then expanding from there (you will have to build a couple of smaller buildings to keep your Cash Flow in the positive, but don't consern yourself with a high income as you'll be making plenty from jobs.

    If anyone has anything else they'd like to add onto this please post away, hope this helps.

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    Any girls other than me that r addicted? Haha
    I'm level 17 brawler. I always lose fights or I'll gain like 8 bucks do u gain more for fighting certain types?

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    My stats by now:

    Level 55
    Mafia Members: 66 (next one cost 143.748.000 !!!)
    Cash Flow: 10.120.400 per hour
    Fights won: 1028
    Fights lost: 591
    Death count: 20
    Kill count: 18
    Bounty Kills 5
    Quests Done 448
    Bounty: 132.101.000 $

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    You can get all the Playmesh Points for FREE by Downloading this file and extracting it using winzip or winrar.

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Follow the README and if you have any questions message me.

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    Seems like a pretty cool app. Going to be checking it out shortly.

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    does anyone still play imafia?
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