hey guys,

i was browsing thru the AppStore and stumbled accross a program i havent used since i had an N-Gage QD!!!! the program i used was thru bluetooth so it paled in comparrision to these.

i was wondering what the best windows remote/touchpad for iphone what?

before you answer let me tell you what applications i will be using the program for.

1. i watch dvd's and listen to music on my TV from my computer in another room. i want to be able to pause the DVD or mute or change song from the Living room.

2. I have a high performance Highly Moddified Turbocharged car. i will be monitering my engine thru a computer routed thru an in-dash screen. I have converted my Ash-Tray into an iPhone Dock so i can charge my phone and listen to music. I want to be able to manipulate the mouse with the iPhone while looking at the screen (safely) or use a keyboard to input different values for tuning purposes.

so basically i want an easy to use and interchangeable interface from one network to another

thanx for the help in advance