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Thread: apps i like/ apps i hate

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    Default apps i like/ apps i hate
    hi guys

    just thought about sharing my experience with the app store so far...


    - expensive but good looking and does what it is supposed to, convert stuff.

    hold em
    - love it absolutely wort the price.

    p. solitaire
    - ok.

    21 pro sponsored
    - free and nice!

    real football
    - very nice game. simple football not the best graphics but very fun to play. controls are nicely done except the cross sucks a bit...

    crash kart
    -fun again and again.

    - nice controls and graphics. way to expensive considering the actual game time. but still worth the money. and i hope updates are coming!

    - too expensive. fun for the first hour and then gets kinda boring.

    vector pong
    - a bit hard. fun. price is ok.

    - very fun. exactly what i expected it to be!

    aurora faint
    - it's free and fun sometimes


    monkey ball
    - controls suck. even with update. there should be a way to calibrate

    - booooring

    line rider
    - still wondering why i got it in the first place

    - nice controls. graphics...ok i guess for a phone fun to play.

    nice looking but never playing:

    - well just austria to fly around...nice graphics

    - not sure yet

    koi pond
    -just nice

    aqua forest
    - crazy low fps

    the rest is all freeware.
    has anyone of you found a good gps app?
    what are thoughts on apps?

    thanks for sharing
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    Tris is too expensive? Isn't/Wasn't it free? O_o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amt View Post
    Tris is too expensive? Isn't/Wasn't it free? O_o
    ooops...trism...sorry typo...edited in the post. thanks!

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    What app would you recommend for GPS on the 3G?
    You seem to know a lot about apps.

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    GPS Kit is good. PathTracker and RunKeeper both seem to work good too. I think RunKeeper has more options. GPS Kit works just like a handheld GPS.

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    I like funkypunch - only app I actually paid money for...

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    i just got the 3g 16gb on monday. i used to have the "classic". meaning i only had yesterday to play with the gps apps ad my data only started working yesterday. so far i have tried:

    - take me to my car
    -- i always forget where i parked my car. the app does the job, no more no less.

    -path tracker and gps tracker do more or less the same.
    -- both neet an account and you can see your path on the homepage.

    - gottago
    is only usefull if u're from switzerland.

    - locly
    very nice app. it just shows whats around you (bars, gas station etc.)

    - shows statistics about your path. it's ok.

    the thing with all gps apps: you have to leave your phone on for them to work (app has to be opened). that is kinda of uncool. there should be a way to use the gps in the background...

    haven't used more yet. but i'm still looking for an app that records multiple trips and that is able to save the trip and see it on the iphone directly in google maps. does anyone know one?

    haven't played funky punch so far. but i'll think about it

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