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Thread: Spore Gaming - Level 29 FTL

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    Default Spore Gaming - Level 29 FTL
    Well, I think I have conceded...I cannot beat level 29! Has anyone else??? BTW, great game...

    Tips, Tricks, Hints?

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    How do you earn Evolution Points. I have earned them here and there but not sure how I did it on the levels I do earn it on. Any thoughts? Level 20 right now.

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    I know that there are EVOLUTION bits you can eat similar to the fish thingies. I have found 3 of them one a few levels.

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    Same here. I am at 20 and have only like 6 evo. points. lol

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    is there anything to allow you to zoom out you can see more of the screen. when im travelling always at the edge of the screen...which makes it quite easy to bump into bad things and die

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    I believe you have to upgrade your EYE parts so you can see better.

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    Got to level 29 and I am stuck also. Not sure the best way to get through this one. Anyone know any helpful hints on this one?

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    I have searched several sites and NOTHING...I know more people have downloaded this game...come on community!

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    I know you have to make the fish looking things attack the big one. I did it once and almost killed one of them but I don't know what I did and I can't do it again.... Anyone have an east way?

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    OK some news...check this out

    I got the most upgrades electrical hits and I came up to the smaller fish broadside and hit the switch...the small fish ran into the bigger one...did it a couple times and the big one died. Then eat the tadpole thingies...

    Also the GREEN coral gives HEALTH...the RED kills you...still have not beatin it but I have killed two of the bigger ones with this strat!


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    If you upgrade your movement option to the max (where you get the "jet" thing) and sit in between the smaller fish and the big ones, the smaller ones turn red and charge you, tap the screen and you will use your upgrade to "jet" out of the way. The smaller fish will run into the bigger one causing damage. Sometimes you have to lure the smaller fish back to the big one as they swim away from it. Do not use the electrical upgrade as you will kill the smaller ones and have to lure new ones back.

    Also, you can use the green coral to recharge your health (swim into them and it will discharge a green cloud), but you can only use each coral twice (it will go from green to gray and recharge back to green) after you use it the second time it will disappear. You have to wait a few minutes between recharges as well. If you swim into one for the first time it will give you a little health wait about 1 - 2 minutes and then do it again. If you dont wait it will not give you more health.

    I have not been able to beat the level as of yet. As far as I know there are three large fish to beat. Gimme about another 10 minutes and I will...

    On a side note, I am a little disappointing at the game....

    I give the game idea / plot 5 stars. (Very original, it not a copy of something else with different "clothes")

    Game play 4 stars. (the only thing wrong is that when swimming you are right next to the edge of the screen, if you stayed in the middle it would be better)

    Graphics 5 stars

    The last category I dont know what to call, but I have the same problem with the South Park game. I finished it after about 2 hours of playing (1 hour a day for 2 days). Now I know it was only $10, but for that I would expect something a little more. I only spent $29 on God of War II and it took me nearly 60 total hours to finish that. Related to that is the inability to play it again. Sure it still works and I CAN play it, but why? Nothing will change other than being able to paint my bug a different color.

    I dont know why but I feel "used". Like someone just made the game as a way to lure me into buying the Mac or PC version. Some sort of marketing ploy to promote something else. Again, the same goes for the South Park game... another gimmick to promote something else.

    Just my .02

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    stuck on 29, im gettin frustrated

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    level 29. Is that the last level with the jellyfish thing?

    get shield, get hooked by tentacle, move away, rip off tentacle, rinse, repeat.

    maybe thats level 30. Then level 29 would be swim in between the huge thing and the angry fish that turn red. When the angry fish swims at you get out of the way and it attacks the huge thing.

    oh and if I spoiled the game well, blame whomever asked

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    Default Level 29 Guide
    For level 29, you don't really have to kill the big fishes as the gaol for the level is to fill up the DNA bar.

    Hope this helps:

    1. When lvl 29 starts, head north west until you reach the green coral.
    2. Swim around the the sand where the coral is placed in a clockwise manner and eat all corals (against the current so its easier to control, going counter-clockwise along with the current is hard to control and may end up on top of the holes where the eel pops out and bite you). This may take a few rounds.
    3. Once health is full. Head south west to the octopus and eat it. (you will get hurt but once you eat it you will get full health again like nothing happend.
    4. Waste time somewhere else about 1 min. Be careful dont hurt yourself and shrink. You have to be big enough to eat the next octopus.
    5. After about 1 min. Go back to where the octopus was and eat it again.
    6. Repeat step 4 and 5 until you finish the stage.

    *This process may take time. There are lots of other methods to beat the level and this is one option. Enjoy. Next stage is the last stage easy.

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    Finished the game last night smoking a cig (actually 2) in the carport...

    Took me 6 minutes to beat levels 29 and 30...

    Level 29 you dont have to beat the big fish, just follow macbook25's directions.

    Level 30 you dont need to find the jellyfish thing with the tentacles either. Basically do the same for level 30 that yo did for 29; find green coral, regenerate health, eat octopus till full.

    Here is a pic of the stats that came up after completion.

    ... still disappointed. I expected more.
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    Default Level 29 - Green Plants
    Level 29 - eat the green plants in order to get more life.

    (I'm actually color blind, but they're the ones by the faces in the sand.)

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one stuck on level 29. I'm going to try cash's and macbook25's suggestions...

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    Default level 29
    im stuck on this level i followed ur instuctions on filling up the health bar but when i rub up against the green 3 green plants i only get my health regenerated once so i dont understand that imnot getting health from the other two plants if some one cane help me out on that and also how do you eat the octapuse every time i run into it i just die is there a way to eat it please help!!!!!!!!!

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