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Thread: NEED help with TELEPORT?

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    Default NEED help with TELEPORT?
    Right so i downloaded Teleport which is a great app for accessing you mac/windows pc from anywhere using your iphone its sooo simple to do if you are on the same network ie home router ect.. BUT i like to have my macbook download items while im at work and eco friendly as i am i would like to shut my macbook down remotely to save <strike>money</strike> the planet.

    so i had a look through the guides and tutorials on how to do it on your cell network ie O2, ATT, vodafone and so on and im pretty savvy on computer terminology and methods and well i got confused i have to admit. So i thought i would write a quick quide on how to set it up to use it on the edge/3g network so here goes.

    To start you need to allow screen sharing through system prefs and click sharing when u allow screen sharing make sure you set a password in the advanced options which you will have to use in teleport, find out your mac/pc ip address which is easy enuff mac: system prefs- network and i think you right click on your network on windows and click properties (its been a while since using windows) so write it down and then click this link - My Router IP. Find Your IP for Lan Games etc. which will give you your routers external ip address now for the pain in the butt bit.

    now you need to get your routers ip to access its mini server site where you can access your routers settings ( you can ask your isp for it or do a google search) . now find the option to port forwarding and create a new one with a name you will remember, now when it asks which port range to port enter 5900 to 5900 or anything aslong as the range contains 5900 and forward it to you computers ip NOT YOUR ROUTERS EXTERNAL IP once this is all done save and close your browser and open Teleport on your phone and add a new server with the same name as you typed into your router with your routers external ip and include you password and hey presto done!!! *MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE SAME ROUTER WHEN DOING IT THIS WAY*

    hope this helps anyone as slow as me :> and sorry for the long thread but i tried simplifying as much as possible

    thixty out!

    little thanx goes a long way!

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    Default Cant find TELEPORT
    Checked many websites and the app store. Can't find it. Please help

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    It's called Jaadu now.

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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