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Thread: remote desktop on my iphone

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    Default remote desktop on my iphone
    what would be a good app to use remote desktop?

    i think the choices are teleport, mocha vnc, and winadmin.

    not sure what's the differences between the three, don't have the money to find out.

    which do you guys think is the best?

    or any other suggestions?


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    WinAdmin is the only remote desktop app available. I was using MochaVNC because Teleport would not work correctly with UltraVNC but now that WinAdmin is out I have uninstalled both VNC clients. VNC is completely unencrypted and insecure so I prefer WinAdmin any day. MochaVNC is the best VNC client. Teleport sucks and is overpriced.

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    hey i was wondering if you have any help for setting winadmin up?
    I have iphone 3g 2.1 and run off windows xp
    i've seen some instructions but it's not working. Do you know of or can
    provide detailed instructions on how to set this up?


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    Actually I have Mocha VNC and Jaadu on my phone and Jaadu has a nicer interface/control scheme.

    Mocha has you tap what you want to click on the PC, like you would think an iPhone VNC program should be.

    Jaadu uses the screen as a kind of touchpad where you want the mouse to go.
    It turns out to be a lot more accurate, and you don't have to zoom in as much.

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    Ive tried several VNC apps for the iphone and IMO Jaadu is the best. Devante is right about the user friendliness of the program, it is much more accurate when clicking on pages and icons. Another feature I like a lot is the option to access your desktop away from your home network. The price is quite steep ($26.99 I think) but if its an essential piece to your business or whatever then its well worth it!

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    Default Jaadu Remote Desktop (aka Jaadu RDP)
    Jaadu now has a remote desktop compatible version too. You can check it out here: Jaadu RDP. It has support for audio streaming too.

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    is jaadu an appstore app?

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    I have something called RDP Lite that works great. Is that not available anymore?

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    In addition to all of the legitimately useful things I know you can do with something like Jaadu, can you use it to play videos in iTunes so you can watch from wherever you are? Just wondering...

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