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Thread: Review Google Mobile App - This should be your favorite App.

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    Default Review Google Mobile App - This should be your favorite App.
    Google Mobile App should be your favorite iPhone/iPod Touch Application if you set it up right – And its Free.

    Google Mobile App gives you a single text box to search through your contacts and the web. As soon as you start typing, it scours Google for things to help you.

    These could be typing suggestions, website suggestions or easy access to a search you made before.

    Google Mobile App even searches as you type so that you see results as soon as you finish typing.

    Over time, the App remembers the things you do most and puts them at the top. Finally,

    Google Mobile App also uses the My Location feature to detect your current location and show nearby businesses on a map."

    More than this its an iPhone – iPod Touch desktop search and a Free MobileMe if you set it up right. Like MobileMe by Apple it works with Push and Fetch features for Gmail, Calendars and Contacts.

    You can even do more. It features these Google Products:

    Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Google Talk, Goog411, Maps, News, Notebook, Photos, Google Reader, YouTube, iGoogle and Blogger.

    See my posting on how to set up Push and Fetch.

    In Google Reader on your computer you can add subscriptions for your RSS feeds.
    Download and install Google Talk and you can see your contacts and message them in Google Mobile App. Blog to Blogger right from your iPhone and or iPod Touch.

    Give this Application a chance and set it up and you will love it like I do.

    Yes,it still needs work. I look forward to Google’s Updates.

    Here is a short YouTube Video from Robert Hamilton one of the developers.

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    Update A good feature or trick is to search within sites you look up.

    In Google Movile App. Start a search with keywords. As you type you will see site suggestions. When your search shows up on the and hold down for a second on the link. In the search bar your site will be highlighted in Blue. Now when you continiue to are searching within the site you selected. Try it out.
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    Thanks I just started messing with it and really like it

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    Its not on the UK AppStore

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    Oo, thanks. I guess I didn't realize all the features it had. I'm going to sheckitout for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjoshua View Post
    Oo, thanks. I guess I didn't realize all the features it had. I'm going to sheckitout for sure.
    i agree, i thought it was just a browser, now ill check it out

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    Not available in the Canadian app store either ! I would really love for Push to work with my Gmail.
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    so, does the push work for gmail?

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    I think I've read somewhere on the forum that it does yes. U can also push calenders and contacts with google. But I couldn't get it to work tho. Just do a quick search ull find it

    The howto is posted in the first post btw
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    Can anyone post the google mobile app for us to download? it isnt in my country's store, which i actually think its stupid. Then they ask why there is jailbreaking and piracy

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    not in Norway either... guess its just the US who can download for now...

    EDIT: oh yes, please post the app somewhere for the rest of us to download (if it is possible in some way without your name attached to it...)
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    The app doesn't appear in App Store of Canada ......

    I think ... I do ... in my utopia ...  49304

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    Weird, its in the Australian store....

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    Quote Originally Posted by .:MirrorminD:. View Post
    i agree, i thought it was just a browser, now ill check it out
    Same here. I guess I shouldn't underestimate apps anymore.

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    it's not bad, but honestly all it really does is consolidate all your google links in one place. It's not like you stay in the native app for anything other then searching, the moment you want to open up google reader, photos, calender, etc it just takes you to the web interface.

    The sync features are nice, but they still need some work on their ease of use.

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