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Thread: What would u like to see as an app?

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    Default What would u like to see as an app?
    I would love to see some type of app for vbulletine.

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    VNsea or a remote desktop app.

    An application to stream music, videos from itunes.

    An application to browse files and folders on your computer

    An application to browse files and folders on your iphone.

    A process/RAM manager

    A remote control for Media Player Classic and WMP.

    Brain Train Age - they told me it was in the planning stage

    Document(word, spreadsheets, etc) editor and viewer

    So pretty much the jailbroken ones cleaned and glossed up to look like official apps.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    AgileMessenger and MxTube

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    MMS and an SMS reminder feature (not sure how well that would work with the lack of true background apps).

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    -MMS (seriously the lack of it is pathetic, but I still love my iphone)
    -Video recorder
    -Camera pro or snapture
    -Cheaper prices
    witty statement here...oh there it is.

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    MMS!!!!! I thought apple would've added it by now with the 3g. So i'd really like to see and MMS app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reggyr07 View Post
    MMS!!!!! I thought apple would've added it by now with the 3g. So i'd really like to see and MMS app.
    STILL floored that this is not a native feature. I dont understand what the issue is.

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    i want to see something that will let me sync the iPhone Calender with GoogleCalender. Like nSync for jailbroke phones

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    The issue is that you now have e-mail and should forget about silly useless MMS.

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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    Oh an application that makes the the iphone act like a mouse, left side of the screen is left click, right side is right click, a line in the middle and when you drag your finger along this line it scrolls and using the accelerometer to control the mouse movements like the wiimote, would be cool.

    Or just laying the phone flat on the table and moving the phone like a normal mouse(using the acceleration numbers and directions to know how far and where you traveled) would be cool.

    All in one program.

    I second the email.
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    AgileMessenger, I would pay for that!

    Oh, and MMS receiver and sender..
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    iPhone Video Recorder

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    PLEASE click everyone's "Thanks" buttons...they are begging for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
    The issue is that you now have e-mail and should forget about silly useless MMS.
    That's all fine and dandy, until I try to email a photo to my wife's palm centro. It can't open the picture attachment. She can however mms photo's to out friend that has a centro.

    I'd like to see someone make a usable bluetooth stack. I'd love for my tomtom to be able to use my $500 phone to get it's traffic info, like it can from my wife's $50 phone!
    I always wanted to have that ideal father son relationship. You know, where I get to see him for like eight hours every other weekend, and send checks to some woman I hate. -- Tucker, Red vs. Blue

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    it would be super amazing if it could have a blackberry messanger would be amazing
    video recorder
    i wish it had infrared so we could do alot with that

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    Puzzle Quest...
    XM Radio...
    Some type of spring board custiomizing program FOR FREE

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    iPhoneaholic danvicente's Avatar
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    slingbox :-D

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    A fantasy sports tracker! You could input your baseball/football/basketball teams and it would track your daily stats. That would RULE!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone whateverman24791's Avatar
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    anything that isn't the stupid-est waste of time like a gd stapler SIMULATOR...ok steve jobs?

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    gas finder for cheapy gas, gas buddy? but iwhere doesnt work....~

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    I wanted to throw out there to all of you, I am building a sports enthusiast application that tracks fantasy teams and favorite athletes for the iPhone (original and 3G). It is called Fandora's Box: Fandora's Box TM

    My b-partner (Home) and I are a huge sport fans. We have wanted to build an application for mobile devices and out comes the iPhone providing the right medium; so we became official iPhone developers.

    What are your thoughts on We love to hear your feedback and incorporate anything that will give everyone a better product. Sign up at and let us know what you think.

    Our app is in development, as we do this from 9pm to 3am everyday, after our primary job. We are planning to release our app the first week of August 2008. Just in time for Fantasy Football season.

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