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Thread: Review: Aqua Forest

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    Default Review: Aqua Forest
    Okay so i bought and played aqua forest so here is my review.

    Developer : Hudson
    Cost: 7.99

    Video: [ame=]YouTube - App Game "AQUA FOREST" for iPhone[/ame]
    photos - view them at -

    Main Task -
    Within the game/app there is two modes that i know of so far which utilize this game fun and freaky 2d physics engine with a 3d twist ( u can tip ur phone/ipot any direction to make some materials move ex. water)

    Free -
    Use all the tools and materials within the game to make your own puzzles/creations
    note: you can also save and load in this game type

    Puzzle -
    Complete the 10 tasks within the 5 categories to unlock something special ( as told in the help file though ive only beaten 3 (makes a tree grow in background but who knows what happens when u beat all 50 and yes some are hard))

    Categories -
    Tilting - Tip ipod/phone to make water/objects reach goals
    Touch - pull out stopper to let water flow certain ways
    Drawing - draw certain things which changes the environment
    Warm/Cool - draw heat/ice to make water evaporate (heat) then ice to make the vapors turn back into water ( cant describe how bad i pee'd when i saw this )
    All - Us all things to finish random tasks

    so im thinking there is 50 lvls but who knows since i haven't beaten it yet

    Help File - Taken from help screen describes UI

    Scene Config.

    Stops the simulation temp
    pours water into scene
    drains water from scene
    makes gravity
    enables you to change the angle of gravity by tilting ipod\phone
    limits number of objects
    clears all

    Tools - What everything does

    Pencil - Draws lines (thin)
    Eraser - Deletes object
    Move - Scrolls Scene ( note u can make big lvls then in free mode)
    Bucket - bucket tool like paint program 9 this is what i says within app lol)
    Slice - Slices object
    Drag - Grabs object
    Rect - Draws rectangle shape
    Brush - Draws thick line

    Materials - Things you can draw/place

    Weak - Attempts to restore their shape to original or fracture
    Tensile liquid - liquid with high tension
    Elastic - attempts to restore their shape to original
    Light - liquids that are lighter than water
    Mochi - Loses shape like mochi ( japanese rice cakes )
    Outflow - delets objects that come into contact with them (black hole)
    Water - Ordinaly water
    rigid body - does not change shape
    heater - changes water into gas makes powders explode and ignites fuels
    Viscous liquid - highly viscous liquids
    wall -rigid that does not move. applied to them
    string - expands and contracts. you can attach them to other objects ( will pull them off a cliff for example)
    fuel - ignites if in contact with fire or heater
    powder -explodes if in contact with fire or heater
    rice - changes their shape like rice (ive never used this yet so who knows)
    fire - changes water into gas, and makes powders explode
    dense - liquids heavier than water.
    inflow - gushes out water
    rigid axis - rigid objects that rotate around their center.
    cooler - changes gas into water.

    So Overview now

    Gameplay - 4/5
    some mission hard others laughable, and sometimes engine lags/glitchy though once i rebooted ipod it was fine.
    Sound - 3/5
    good ambient music and sum effects like no exploding effects so id just rather listen to music while playing which u can do
    Use of Ipod\phone features - 5/5
    in every way this could only be done for the ipot\iphone.

    Overall - 4/5
    good app if u and your funs just mess aorund with it at a shop or diner while waiting on something not serious unless ur really into puzzle games but then again who knows if there is more then 50 lvls and within 20 mins i beat 20 lvls some are hard though. but 7.99 is a little tops maybe 5 dollars but the engine and viuals sell this game is fun and worth a buy.


    photos - view them at -

    ~ Siiv3r
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    haha you convinced me and i bought it, good review by the way!

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    added photos - photos - view them at - siiv3r : photos : SmugShots- powered by SmugMug

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    damn... i got the game as well... but it's in japanese! i have my iphone set to german/ switzerland...
    does anyone knows how to change the game to english?

    btw... baaaad lags....

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    I wish the water made swishing sounds.

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    oh yah me to.

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