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Thread: What Apps are not at the Appstore

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    lmao this confirms i am NOT going to 2.0. you people who had 1.1.4 and upgraded to 2.0 are just plain dumb.

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    solitaire and tetris are on there

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    No MMS either

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    It does seem like the common theme here is there are no Apps available that alter in any way the user interface - be it general themes (like SMB), notifications (TaskBar Notifier, Intelliscreen), or system utilities (like Services).

    Bummer. This all leads me to believe there is never any hope of copy and paste ever coming to the iPhone (unless Apple finally realizes it is missing)...

    Side Note: what, on earth, could Apple's reasoning be for not copy & paste? They must have thought to include it at some point, then decided no.

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    ya. why isnt apple letting us change the themes. like customize or smb prefs. but even if they did approve it would take a long time and it would probably coast alot. i cant wait for this to be jailbroken so i can have the appstore and installer on my 3G iphone

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    I think the apps that have been approved so far were arbitrarily selected. There are many apps "in review", presumably to be released soon. Perhaps they want a stream of new apps, as opposed to having all of them available at launch. Like drinking from a firehose.

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    Probably something to do with branding. If someone saw yours with a different theme it would look less like an iPhone and businesses assume people are stupid and would not know that it is one.
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    first post says No TouchPad twice

    thought you should know
    RIP Steve Jobs.. You changed the world

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    The only customization of any kind is the retro dialer pad in the App Store.

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    im gonna go ahead and take back what I said earlier about people upgrading from 1.1.4 to 2.0. I got bit by the bug this morning and upgraded. Been having a ball with the apps on 2.0..

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    The best app ever, mobilescrobbler.


    EDIT2: It doesn't track your plays.. nevermind.

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    I wish someone would release Theme Builder or somthing like it soon? I have seen a few themes that I like parts of but I liked when I controlled what the screen looked on my iphone, Plus for some reason now I cant change the wallpaper AT ALL? Not from settings not even using a photo and doing it that way so please release something that gives control back, Or maybe after 2:00pm today Ill be starting all over again anyway? : ))
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    Nope, no apps that change anything with the OS (wallpaper included). I wish they'd have iPhysics available.

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