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Thread: Mod your iPhone earbuds

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    i changed those earbuds and put the shure E2C earbuds. now the sound is BLAST!!!
    sound isolation is really good.
    here they are now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreggSymington View Post
    These were easily modified. They sound 10 times better than the stock headset, bass is great as well. OH, and they stay in your ear!!! Just remove the gray covers to get to the connections. Be careful with the small round cover as the only have 2 small posts that secure them to the earbuds and break easily.
    These are my old earbuds I used (on my iPod Mini) before buying the iPhone and I simply love them. It looks like a ***** to take out those gray covers, but I will give it a try.

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    I really hate the apple ear buds, because they dont sond so hot, and because they have shown me that my inner ears apparantly are not symmetrical as one always falls out or ends up facing the back of my ear.

    So I just ordered the marshmellow buds shows in the video, in white, and will mod them ******* up asap.

    Pics to come, and thanks for the link!

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    i just bought a pair of marshmallows but im having some real trouble just opening them up, i've already chipped it like hell and even cut through come of the plastic shell. is there an easy way to open em?

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    i still don't know how to open up the orinigal apple one.
    can anybody guide me ?
    or should i smash it :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10-Dee-Q View Post
    i still don't know how to open up the orinigal apple one.
    can anybody guide me ?
    or should i smash it :P
    i used a two-pronged attack. first, i scored the line where the white plastic meets the rubbery grey of the earbud with an exacto knife. then i twisted and pulled at that until it came off. it wasn't elegant, but it worked.

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    but i tried but the rubber thingy is "chipped"
    i mean do you all who had done this before have broken original earphone ?
    i mean do you have to broke it ?
    or is still be able to be fix let's say when we decided to use the original apple earphone again

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    Yeah the video doesnt really tell the whole story on how hard it is to get the speakers apart. I used a knife from my multitool, and just applied a generous around of pressure into the seems while rocking the blade side to side to space it out. Once you get some space in there, then its just a matter of pulling until you can break the glue holding them together.

    The apple buds were easier, just used the knife trick and pulled. I ended up ripping some of the rubber off them, but I didnt really give a sheet.

    The sound difference is like night and day, and they are comfortable while actually managing to stay in my ear! Awesome mod.
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    I just did mine and worked fine.

    But I did run into some issues which didn't really have anything to do with the process but general things not going my way.

    From work, I went to Best Buy and got me a pair or the JVC's (seems like a popular choice). Well, they only had the blue, green and pink......I settled for the blue ones as the least ugly color.
    Once I'm home, I grab my pack of smokes, coffee and my micro iron.
    I get everything apart with no problems and set up everything just realizing that 10 mins later my iron isn't getting warm.
    Okay, stuff is already apart and the RadioShack is too far to catch it before closing.

    Well I go MacGyver and grab my small screw driver and turn on my gas stove.
    Soldering with open flame and a screw driver is much tougher then people assume...especially when it comes to small stuff.

    But after a few smokes, a cup of coffee and a nice smell of plastic in the air (from meting a bit of my cutting board), the job is finished and everything works like it should.

    What I did notice was the even though I put a dash of resin paste over the wires, there was still some movement that I didn't want.
    I took care of it by tying another knot on the outside tight under the buds and everything is very still and steady now.

    The sound of the JVC's isn't bad, but it's nothing compared to my SkullCandy buds.
    Sadly, the Skulls can't be taken apart as, with most good headphones, the bud is sealed inside and out to the point that even if you get it open without braking it, you still can't get to the wires.

    Funnies of all was my girlfriend coming home from work, finding me in the kitchen with the stove top on, a glowing screw driver, trying not to catch the house on fire.

    I'll post pics tomorrow morning as I don't feel like looking for my camera.

    All in all a good day

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    :lol you are a brave man.

    I soldered using a 45 watt iron, way too big. Need a micro, modding a console with a big iron is terrible.

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    Pics as promissed

    You can see the second knot bellow the buds.

    (Camera battery was dead so I just took it with the this 2 megapixel is one of the worst on the market)

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    I modified my iPhone buds after reading this thread...

    I've put some sony in ear 'phones on the end of the iPhone wire and they sound much better than the stock earbuds and fit in my ear a whole lot better!

    Thanks to the OP

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    Gonna do my AKG K27i headphones tomorrow. These are not earbuds but I prefer them over earbuds of any make. They snapped apart very easily and the mod should go over smoothly by the look of things. More tomorrow with pics. (if I'm successful, of course).


    Ok, I have done the conversion and all went very smoothly. Here is a pic of the finished product: (see attached file).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -dsc_14180024.jpg  
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    Does anyone know how hard is it to mod these buds? I bet there is nothing out there in the market compared to these (for US party animals )

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    would this not completly kill the audio quality?
    from good headphones one would think the wiring might be alot better too right?

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    i tried to pry open my sony mdr-ex71 earbuds and i ripped the rubber around it. i should've been more careful...and i still cannot open up the earbuds. does anybody have similar earphones that can show me how to pop open the earbuds?

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    I am really interested in trying this on my bose around-ear headphones. One quick question though, wouldn't just splicing the wires and then connecting them by twisting make them work? I have no experience soldering and don't wannna ruin my bose.

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    that wont work
    i have no experiance in soldering either
    i did my phillips last night
    came out wonderfully:]

    but yeh id be scared with bose
    i guess just be really carefull
    and since there big the ports should be pretty far apart so it should be easy
    if bose are made the same way as others

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    Yeah the space between the connecting wires is 1/2" and shouldn't be to easy to screw up(fingers crossed) Now to go and get a soldering gun.

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    Going to go find some cheap headphones to try this on first. If it works out I'll try some better ones, and maybe buy some Skullcandy Smokin' Buds to do this with!

    I'll post up pictures and info as I do this!

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