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Thread: Mod your iPhone earbuds

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    I was all set to break open my Sony MDR-EX90s and do this mod over the weekend. When I opened the iBuds, the wiring wasn't quite as straight forward as I'd hoped. I'm ordering the iPhone version of Shure's MPA instead. I've already killed the iPhone buds, but the Sony's are still alive. Now I don't have to experiment with $100 buds...

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    nice mod....I'll try this with some nice white sony in earphones that should look good with the stock wires. The stock buds hurt my ears if used for more than a couple minutes.

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    i have those head phones i must say i love them and always will the bass is very well and the sound is great they get so loud and never distort i love em

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    Shoot, I wish I would have seen this before I bought the V-Moda headphones.

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    Thats pretty sweet, i notice the factory earphones arent th best, but i do like the Mic and play/pause feature.

    But i was thinking about getting a bluetooth head peace soon, but i am not sure

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    that was awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
    Thanks, edit, thats a good find. Now do I really want to pull apart my Bose headphones... hmm.
    I got a pair of bose head phones but im scared of breaking the plastic or something like that, especially since these are designed using triport technology. I would recommend doing it =\. but i still want the mic... =(

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    oh wow i wanna try this

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    Does anyone know if Ultimate Ears 5EBs can be disassembled like this? I'm looking closely at mine and they look like they use some kind of glue to seal up the casing...

    Of course, the smartest thing to do might be, in UEs' case, for someone to start selling a replacement cable since they can just be plugged into the earphones themselves - check out the "Replacement Cables" on

    Any independent iphone-accessories-would-be-designers interested? I'd like a free cable as "finders fee" ...


    Ok I tried doing a cheap version of this cuz I don't have a soldering gun. I spliced open a part of the headphone cord of both the "destination" (read: good) headphones (UE 5EBs) and instead of unsoldering the iphone earbud wires, just snipped out the wires at the solder point. I tried twisting the wires together, green to green and copper to copper (it was the left earbud I tried first) - and no sound. Since these are Ultimate Ears which have the pluggable, replacable cables (thank god, if I can't figure this out), I plugged the right cable (still intact) into the left earbud and sound was there. But the spliced, left earbud's cable was useless. I even tried twisting the original UE left ear's cable back up to the snipped end, and still no sound.

    Long story short: why can't you twist the two ends of the matching wire? Is it something to do with the tolerances for the current, resistance, etc in the wires being very narrow and when you just twist the wires together, the balance is off?

    Thanks for any help!
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    does anyone know when the V-Moda headphones are coming out with a clicker, and has anyone tried the Shure adapter, does the mic sound better than the Apple mic?

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    I just did this today and the marshmallow headsets were incredibly difficult to take apart. I broke one of the caps. But after doing the soldering i just wrapped them with some electrical tape and everything sounds great. Mic and all work perfectly and the sound is really good. Thanks for posting the video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreggSymington View Post
    These were easily modified. They sound 10 times better than the stock headset, bass is great as well. OH, and they stay in your ear!!! Just remove the gray covers to get to the connections. Be careful with the small round cover as the only have 2 small posts that secure them to the earbuds and break easily.
    awesome advice on which phones to use. i borked the pins in the gray covers, but just kinda melded the plastics together around the circumference with my soldering iron of justice afterwards. AWESOME mod.

    first post, by the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smlaux View Post
    Don't try to mod your shures. You need to find a set of headphones similar to the ones shown in the video that have a removable cover that allows access to the back of the speaker without damaging the earpiece, and that isn't possible with any of the shure models... nor the bose or bang & olufsens, or pretty much any high end headphones with molded ear canal inserts.

    The JVCs in the video are good because the plastic cover lifts off cleanly, if you are careful, and can be glued back on once the soldering is done.

    Shures E2C wasnt that hard to open. Much easier than sony earbuds.

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    i just want to dye the white wires BLACK before i reattach the new earbuds. any ideas of something that WONT come off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumpy View Post
    i just want to dye the white wires BLACK before i reattach the new earbuds. any ideas of something that WONT come off?
    perhaps a vinyl die, they are a spray paint, but the paint penetrates into plastic and changes the colour.

    can be hard to find them though. im not sure it would cope with the flexing of the cord, but its your best bet. perhaps sample it on something else first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenCountry View Post
    Long story short: why can't you twist the two ends of the matching wire? Is it something to do with the tolerances for the current, resistance, etc in the wires being very narrow and when you just twist the wires together, the balance is off?

    Thanks for any help!
    Hi Green Country

    My first post here in the forums.

    The reason why you cant get any signal from the cut and spliced side is because the wires are coated with enamel. This makes the wires thin as they dont need a seperate sheath over each wire inside the main sheath.

    Try heating the very ends of the wires on both the earpiece plug and the iphone wires, and you'll get a connection. Use a cigarette lighter and hold the wire high above the flames tip - about 2 inches until you notice the enamel burning off. Make sure the area you want to twist together is free of enamel then try twisting them together.

    The other option is to leave the ends of the wires dipped in rubbing alcohol overnight. It will eat off the enamel and then you can twist the wires together.

    Buy some solder tape and use a match to solder them if you dont want to buy an iron. Makes a solid connection that shouldnt come apart.

    Before soldering find some suitable insulation to slip over each seperate wire, as now there is an exposed ciruit waiting to short.
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    careful. I ruined my bose earphones. Anyone who wants to try this on bose, don't bother. There is a thin plastic covering over the soldered points that you need to carefully remove. But after you do, it's gone and (you have to break it away) there is no way to reattach the screen covering it. I glued the covering back on but it's on the outside area that is visible and it looks bad.

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    isint there a converter you can put on the bose to fit the iphone?

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    Yes there is but it won't have the microphone thing on it then.

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