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Thread: Permenant way to stick a headphone adapter in iphone socket?

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    Default Permenant way to stick a headphone adapter in iphone socket?
    Is there a small enough adapter that will "blend in" or go within the whole in iphone so it looks like a part of it? I really jsut want to use the headphones on the go, like borrow my friends or something without to much hastle and rembering the adapter.

    Or can I make a jack adapter and sand it down to blend inside iphones socket?

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    I don't really think you'll be able to achieve exactly what you're looking for. Unfortunately, I don't really have a solution for you. I think that grinding down an adapter would render the adapter useless... Maybe just stick with the stockers?

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    a quick fix for this, without using an adapter, is to actually cut the headphone plugs rubber coating on the outside a bit. on most headphones the rubber coating that surrounds the plug usually covers quite a bit more of the plug than what you can usually see. if you snip a little of it off, around the plug, you will be able to use them all the time, without an adapter. here's an example of what i mean:

    usually you can tell if you can do this by looking closely at the plug...if it looks similar to the one in the picture, you can do this. just cut around it, a little at a time, until you've gotten enough off to just fit in the headphone jack of the iphone.

    obviously this isn't a good idea if you are chopping up your friend's headphones, but it's nice for your own so you don't have to worry about an adapter.
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    Rianbattle is right, I have a nice set of Sony's and I cut a little bit of the rubber off the extension cord and filed down the hard plastic inside (sometimes this wont need to be done). Works perfectly now.

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