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    Default Incase Slider
    Maybe someone could help, I am torn between the incase slider and the switcheasy capsule. The only reason I am on the fence is because of the capsule's clip(pay extra for the vision clip). Is there any belt clip that will fit the incase slider, Maybe the vision clip since the incase and capsule are almost the same?


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    i think the incase slider, it keeps it thin and is very protectful, my friend had the switcheasy the lock thing broke and the back would not stay on and then he bought the incase slider, he droped it so many times and its still in great condition his iphone does not have a scratch

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    I just recently got my incase slider, and I love it. Use to have a Contour Showcase, well still do. If your worried about a belt clip, I would suggest getting a holster. I use the holster from my Tmo Wing, and it works great.
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    haha i was stuck to. But when you think about it, the switch easy seems like more for less. Switch easy is $30 and comes with a case, a dock, screen protectors, headphone adapter, and a 30pin protector( usb connect cable). While the Incase only comes with case and is around #35. But everyone says Incase is so much worth it, and the switcheasy's lock always comes off... Hmph Im just going to get the Incase and ask around for the switcheasy screen protector cuz it looks cool!

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    i have the incase slider ,and i love it ,the thinness of the case makes it worth it ,its a bit pricey but i cant buy a factory and manufacture a nice thin case like the slider ,hehe

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