Title says it all, I am looking for a clear case (after buying the capsule rebel, I realize instead of buying a case that looks nice, you cannot beat the look of the Iphone WITHOUT a case.. so why not protect it, and look like your not hence the clear case). I do LOVE the accessories switcheasy includes, so the NUDE is an option.

Here are the ones I have found, if there are others I am not informed about, please tell!

1. Switcheasy Nude Clear
2. Agent 18 Clear Case (I HATE frost affect)
3. Switcheasy Vulcan Ultra Clear (LOOKS GREAT)
4. Speck Clear See Thru Case ( looks great)
5. Iskin Claro (AMAZING hybrid)
6. Belkin Shield
7 Iluv Glacier
8. Griffin Reveal
9. Ivy Skin Reception
10.Air Jacket Clear
11 Griffin Iclear
12. Neo Hybrid II EX (TOP PICK SO FAR)
13. Snapcase Clear