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Thread: Apple AV component for tv-out

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    Nope - Video does NOT come out of the 3.5mm headset connector on the top.
    There are new cables for the new iPods (and it seems iPhones). They go into the Dock connector. The Composite cable has 5 RCA jacks - Red, Blue Green Video, then Left & Right audio. It also has a USB charging connection. The Composite cable is a Dock connector to three RCA cables.

    The mystery question at the moment is if these new cables have the special Apple encryption chip in the cable, and if these are absolutely required to get composite video out of the iPhone with V1.1.1 software.... (composite and s-video used to come out of the dock connector in the previous iPod models).

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    $50 for component cables. just got mine. wish they had a combo one. not enough of my friends have hd tvs for this to be a great accessory

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    Default Uh....
    If the cable is component, why? like everyone else says, most people don't have HD or even component on their tv sets....Isn't RGB more reserved for higher quality video sources? LOL I don't think the iPhone or any iPod would ever be capable of putting out a source that is anywhere near the quality RGB is suppose to be. Just another way for Apple to squeeze more $$$ out of something so simple.

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    GordonChil - did you get a chance to "tinker" with the pin-out? Any luck determining what dock-connector pins are used for video (I'm espicially interested in Composite video out).


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    has anyone seen one of these. I think it is exactly what we want to test to see if the iphone will work without the new supposed apple chip.

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    ^ i saw those at Futureshop about 6months ago lol. maybe next time i go there i'll swing by test it out....worst case i'll return it lol....but im running 1.0.2 unlocked...

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    I have tried to older composite cables that came with the ipod photo (YEAH I BOUGHT ONE A LONG TIME AGO, WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT? ;])

    Connected it to my iphone dock. No go, only audio comes out. I did talk to a "genius" at the Apple Store. He wasn't too sure if it was because I was running 1.02 or if it was cause it was that I was using composite cables from the line out of the dock.

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    I have a DICE Video Cradle which has a 1/8" jack like the "old" composite video cable, as well as a pass-thru dock connector. I cannot confirm, but I assume the composite video, right & left audio signals are split off the pass-thru dock connector and out to the mini jack.

    I just tried an iPhone w/ V1.1.1 connected in the cradle, and a camcorder cable (just like the old composite cables, but with different color coding on the RCA jacks).... no video out...

    The iPhone must be looking for some signal on the accessory pin, or some type of load on one or more other pins to tell it that it is connected to a video cable and thus could send video out.

    Unfortunately, this still does not confirm if composite video is on Pin 8, but probably determines that there is some other magic pin setting required to tell the iPhone that it should send video out....

    What I'd give for a breakout cable right now

    (on a side note, the DICE car interface module, seems to behave different with V1.1 SW than I think it did with a friends V1.02 SW) - when connected to the DICE unit and playing audio the iPod screen switches to a "Accessory Connected" screen and you lose the ability to see the track detail (and the cover art) on the screen - a real bummer when you have a radio head-end that won't display track text.... Hopefully this and more will all be sorted out in due time...)

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    Hi, I upgraded my iphone and I cannot watch videos on TV, does anybody help me what should I do to get this work?

    I still cannot connect my iphone to a TV with a AV cable, can anybody tell me what should I do to fix it?
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    Bump on this.. Does this cable work with Composite video out for iPhone.. they are 6 bux on ebay with shipping?


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    Composite = 3 outputs; yellow (video), red and white (audio)

    Component = 5 outputs; red green blue (video), and the other color I can't remember right now for some reason but the other two are for audio.

    Apple has both available online store the composite cables are sold out in every apple store it seems.
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    ok for those of you asking if you can use video out while running 1.0.2 you cannot. that feature was added in 1.1.1 so if you are running 1.0.2 you can forget about running video out of your iphone.
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    honestly,i think i am just going to wait for an aftermarket,since most of the times you have same quality and much cheaperprice

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    Guys, per iLounge, the new iPod line (Nano, Classic, Touch, iPhone) have a special 'chip' in them that will only put audio out on the NEW apple AV cables (Component, Composite) and the new dock. Sorry, but any past AV cables for 5G iPods or older will NOT work.

    READ. Unfortunately, it's true. Try using any of your 'old' inexpensive, realistic video out equipment; You'll find that it no longer works w/ the iPhone. Our next move would be to find out how to implement that chip in some sort of dock 'extender' cable that would then allow any pre-6G video accessory to work.

    This is on any iPhone f/w... I'd like to see video (no pun intended) evidence of someone use 3rd party A/V w/ the iPhone
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    I have a Griffin Air Dock


    It came with a Composite Cable. I whittled the composite cable down to fit the iPhone headset jack, and it works fine for Audio, but I knew it would not work that way for Video.

    The Composite Cable is also supposed to plug into the dock. Using it in this manner, I am basically connected through the dock connector.

    Once I (finally) upgraded to 1.1.1, I tried this, and Video out did not work. (Audio is fine - I use it all the time.) The iPhone acted as if no video cable was connected.

    From this I conclude that the above posts that suggest that the Apple Composite and Component cables have a special chip in them are correct.

    I would be willing to bet my lunch money that 3rd party A/V cables intended for older Video iPods WILL NOT WORK on iPhone no matter which connector they plug into.

    I guess I'll pick up at least a Composite Cable next time I am at the Apple Store.

    BTW, aside from above, and the usual warning about accessories not made for the iPhone, the Air Dock works great with my iPhone. It is what charges my iPhone on a daily basis. On occasion, the remote will not work until I pull the iPhone out and re-dock it. The fact that the remote is RF, and not IR is pretty cool - no aiming required. I got mine on clearance at Target for less than the price Apple wants for just a cable. If you find one cheap, and need another dock/charger, it's a good deal even though it is technically not compatible.
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    Default m a newbie
    hi all
    am a newbie here. I thght iPhone is unhackable until i saw this site.
    Soooooo many apps and what not. Awesome

    Anyway, i thought iPhone doesn't have a video out???

    btw i m on version 1.0.1

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    iPhone technically does have video out, though it has a 'chip' in the phone that requires the video-out cable to have the 'chip' as well. This is what will bring in a lot of money for apple; making everyone that had purchased Video accessories purchase new ones, or some type of 'adapter' cable

  19. #39 why can't the apple people just reveal their iphone code and let the community grow just like symbian.
    I mean look at them, i bght nokia 6600 at times when no phone could even think of playing mp3s then after some times other phones came out with music capabilities. I downloaded a soft and mine could do the same. Infact i kinda reached my phone capabilities 4 yrs afetr i bght it.

    Anyway, any idea where i can get those video cables???

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyb0y View Post
    Bump on this.. Does this cable work with Composite video out for iPhone.. they are 6 bux on ebay with shipping?


    have you gotten any more information on this as to if it works with the iphone? if so, can you PM me a link to one of the auctions?
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