Apex Armor has really done it this time with version 3 (also known as V3) of their Apex Armor series of aluminum cases. Some of the new features include a bunch of different colors which can be seen in the above images (don’t forget to check out the two tone color, which is awesome looking). There are also a few different design changes such as the process of finishing the case with a nickel plating instead of a polished feel like the original one did. There are also two different cutouts for the headphone jack and the dock connector. The headphone jack is lengthened out a little bit longer (really don’t know the affect of this, but I guess anything goes) and the dock connector seems to shift off in ridges along the speaker and the mic, giving it a more striking and cool look, while still retaining the same functionality that the original did. Another big improvement that I found with the Apex Armor V3 was the new logo. The old logo, which I didn’t think was necessarily horrible, is now a much more cleaner and simple lettering, while still retaining the A logo next to the letters. If you look closely before installing the new version of the case you may notice that the inside is lined with thicker foam paddings. The downside to this is that it makes installation a little bit harder, but does help reception from the previous model. I lost about 16-19 decibels (or roughly two bars) and now I seem to lose about 9-12 decibels (or roughly 1 bar). While not exactly a gigantic improvement, it’s enough for me to rock this case daily, where I only have about three bars of service. I only give an Editors Choice Award if I use the product constantly on a daily basis or if it has absolutely no flaws, and even though it has it’s flaws, this is definitely the case that I use a bunch, so I am proudly awarding it with an Editors Choice Award.

(and if you don't think the two tone looks da•• fine, you must be blind)