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Thread: best iphone 4 case

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    Default best iphone 4 case
    I recently got an iPhone 4 and was wondering what the most impact resistant case was. I am not too concerned with how it looks, and a little size doesn't bother me either, I just want a case that is very impact resistant. Usually rubber/silicone cases are most impact resistant but if anybody has a better idea please let me know. Thanks

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    I have a similar case for my iPod touch, and it has served me very very well, survived many 5~ foot drops, it looks incredibly sexy, and it is dock friendly.

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    I've just bought a black thick rubber cover for my iPhone4 it's got big thick squares on the back I found a copy of the one I bought in England when i4 1st came out but did not fit good enough this ones great similar to the big red for i3 looks horrid but protects my precious!! Ha
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    And the back of it best of all it as no name!!!
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    otterbox defender series

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    Speck Candyshell is my favorite.

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    Thanks for sharing some of those look Great
    iphone case

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    Toughest has to be otterbox defender. Personally I use an iluv case two part with built in stand. Phone survived a 10 foot fall (from a ladder) and is sexy.

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    Otterbox defender is the best.

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    Vapor element case is the best
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    Shield Skins is the best invisible protection you can get for your Cell Phone, iPod, Camera, GPS, Gaming System, Laptop and much, much more!

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