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Thread: Headset button on iphone 4

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    Default Headset button on iphone 4
    ok.. well i didn't know where to put this post.. so mods.. please move if it's in the wrong place.

    i've just got my iphone 4.. jailbroke it and set the phone up pretty much exactly as i had my old 3G set up.. except that the old 3G was running 3.1.2 and my 4 is running 4.1. The only thing is my inline mic button isn't working as it used to. I used to have the one press pause/play, 2 press next, 3 press previous.. now when i press the button it just wiggles the volume abit. I can't figure out what's going on.

    the only sorta 'tweaks' i've installed are 5 icon dock and sbsettings.

    any help would be great

    thanks in advance,

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    Did you update fresh or did you restore from a backup and carry all of your information to your new phone?

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    i did restore from backup when i set up the new phone. I think i may have narrowed it down abit though. The headphones i'm using are the aerial7 chopper headphones with an inline mic. as i said with my old 3g the answer button worked to answer and control the ipod. I plugged the earphones that u get with the iphone 4 and the centre button works as is should on the iphone 4.. 2 clicks forward etc. Plugged my aerial7's into my 3G and they work as they should.. so both parts work.. they just won't work together.. so.. it's gotto be a compatibility thing.. but i was under the assumption that all the old ear/heaphones should work with the iphone 4??


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