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Thread: Cimo Replicase Hard Case Review

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    Default Cimo Replicase Hard Case Review

    Grand total was $8.50. $8.50? That's it? All the cases I have ever bought for my phones were always between $20 and $35 dollars, but one for $8.50? Now granted this case doesn't offer drop protection that maybe an Otterbox would give you or even what a Belkin or Incase could offer, but I am not concerned with that. I was looking for a case that added protection from light scratches and just a minimal amount of protection.

    Cimo's Replicase was the perfect case for me. The case is made from a flexible hard plastic that adds a minimal amount of size (about a 0.5mm). The back of the case has a glossy look and feel to it (which I liked) and the back graphics are shiny and crisp. The Replicase's sides extend past the iPhone's screen, which allows it to be laid face down on the table without touching the screen.
    After 1 week of use:
    I have been using the case now for about a week and have to admit that I have been receiving compliments on it all the time. The red is really an eye catcher and most people think it is a sticker because of the back graphics. The phone slides in and out of my pocket easy, which is sometimes a problem with other cases.


    Very comfortable in the hand
    Able to use my iHome dock with the case on
    Minimal size added to my phone
    Able to face down on table
    Like the red!

    Camera cutout
    The flash hole was not cut large enough to prevent the "flash wash", however I was aware of this before purchasing the case. I plan on trying to open the hole a little more with my Dremel next week, but it really isn't a big issue for me.
    Case not fitting well (FIXED)
    When I first put the phone into the case I noticed that it shifted around a little, not a great deal, but enough for me to notice. To fix this I took a little of the blu-tack (usually used with posters) and placed them around the phone. It worked perfect, the phone no longer shifted so this was fixed.

    The Replicase case is available on Ebay under the seller Cimousa and comes in a variety of colors (red, green, light blue, dark blue, gold, black, white and pink).

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    Cimo was an outstanding seller to work with, shipping is usually free and it was very quick. Ordered the case on a Saturday and received it that Tuesday.

    Overall: 8.5 out of 10

    [ame=]YouTube - Cimo Replicase Review (Red)[/ame]
    Cimo Cases items - Get great deals on Nexus One Cases, Chargers items on eBay Stores!

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