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Thread: Acase Superleggera Fit Case for iPhone4

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    Default Acase Superleggera Fit Case for iPhone4
    Hi, this is Johniphone, and this is my first Unboxing article. Hope you like it!
    I bought my iPhone 4 recently, which is the 16GB. Well I like it a lot, so I need something different for my iPhone, and which is a ďcaseĒ.

    There are a lot of cases on Amazon to choose from, so I spent a lot of time searching for my ideal case. I finally found a brand called Acase, Iíve never heard of the company, Iím sure most of you have never heard of the brand, right? Anyway, the Acase has an orange case for iPhone4, and I like orange a lot, and the price is pretty reasonable(under 20 bucks), so I thought why not give it a try. If it sucks, at least it does not cost a lot.
    Here is the unboxing:
    1. They wrap the package with a clear plastic bag, and I donít know the usage,
    I think itís for protecting the package.
    2. Here is the back
    3. The name: Superleggera Fit Case for iPhone4, and what is Superleggera?
    4. It says: entirely layer coating. 0.7mm ultra slim and fit.
    5. Itís made in Taiwan, so I think the quality ďmightĒ be good. And the name for the orange case is ďSunset.Ē
    6. Here is the back of the package. I have to say the package design is quiteÖ unorthodox, they use a lot of splashes on the package. Itís unorthodox in a good way.
    7.The side of the package.
    8. So far the inside looks good.
    9.There are few items inside
    10. Letís take the case out. Itís not my iPhone, itís a paper iPhone4 to demonstrate how to install your case
    11. 12 Itís made of polycarbonate (the package says), and itís entirely coated with rubber. But I donít know what polycarbonate is. Is it good or bad?

    13.The items: includes two pieces of screen protectors, one cleaning cloth, and a card to squeeze the bubbles out when installing the screen protectors. The Acase is quite generous. The inside is rubber coating, which is soft, and the case is bendable, well I wonder if itís a plus or notÖWell it does not look very protective, but I still like the color.
    18. Ok, now I put my iPhone4 in. It fits properly.

    Uploaded with
    19. The back of it. It does not block the flash and the cam. Good! And I tried to use
    The flash, no problems when using the flash.
    20. The volume and ring are accessible.
    21.22.23. Other ports are accessible as well.

    Overall I think the case is great, and Iíll post another topic after I use it for a few weeks Ė to see if there is anything on the case that is deteriorated.

    I canít find their official website, the only thing I found is the website for their iPhone4 case. And itís here:
    Dress Your iPhone 4 in a Stylish Outfit?
    So far if you click the on the products, the only thing you an get is the black case,
    I really donít know what happened, so if you want other colors, youíll have to find it yourselves!

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    Hello all,
    I have a question. In pic 12 it looks like the inside of the back covering is metal is it? Also remember one thing you get what you pay for.. I wouldnt use a less than $20.00 case to protect my Iphone. 1ust my.02 cents. Over all Nice review tahnks.

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    Hi NYC Medic,
    I don't really know the material inside the back covering, it's not metal. The package says that the case is cover with "rubber coating" entirely.
    Anyway the inside is quite soft.

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    material looks cheap

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    well, at least it's under 20 bucks

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