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Thread: Multi-purpose Duct Tape iPhone Case

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    Default Multi-purpose Duct Tape iPhone Case
    Here is my multi-purpose iphone case made out of duct tape

    I use to have a simple transparent rubber case and I would stuff my money and license in the back because I don't carry a wallet. That case started ripping and my solution was to make my own.

    My first case was like a book and was really bulky and hard to type.

    My second case contained paper and pencil holder, concealed card holder, and wallet

    My third and current contains a spot for my license (which I also hold my parking tickets or anything else I need), my keys, and my money. I could add more but it would eventually just get messy.

    Some of you may say it's a stupid idea to have my money with my phone. My defense: If I didn't, I would just have money stuffed in my pocket because I don't want carry a wallet. I put all my eggs in a basket and I shall protect that basket.

    Also, please give me some more ideas of what I could add on.

    The phone is held to the case with duct tape (I need to get velcro one day) and it sticks pretty well and I can easily rip it off if I need to. Fits all iphones

    I hope you like it
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    Creative and very interesting....
    So does your invention fit in your pocket?? It looks quite bulky. How long did it take you to make the duct tape case??

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    Yeah, it fits really easily in my pockets.

    Rough dimension:
    1" thick (a bit thinner)
    5" long
    2.5" wide

    I'm not pro with working with duct tape so this one took about a little less than an hour. I used some insulation foam I found, traced it with sharpie, cut it, wrapped it in duct tape, cut a slot for the camera, connected the two flaps, and then I did add-ons. I'm currently thinking of what I could design for the front cover to make it look nice.

    Also about the thickness: It's less thick than carrying a phone AND a wallet.

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    What's so funny? :P

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    nice dude!! I made one awhile back that let you use the screen but couldn't use the buttons and all...6th comment down:
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