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July 22 2010

ZZCASE.COM iPhone 3GS/3G Swirlite Silicon Case sent me some products to review for them, and today I will review the Swirlite Silicon Case for the iPhone 3G/3GS.

Color: I was sent the golden yellow case, and I find it very stylish. The colors are very vibrant and clean. There are ten colors to choose from, and I am sure that you will find one that you like.

Fit: Although silicon based, the case is very sturdy and strong. Usually, silicon cases slip out and lose their grip over time. However, this case is a bit smaller then normal, and so it stretches over the iPhone. This prevents it from stretching too big. It fits perfectly in a snug position and does not move at all on the phone. It covers the entire phone, and even has edges for the buttons so that they are very easy to access, yet at the same time, covered by the silicon for protection. See the extra section for more!

Protection: The phone is fully protected in the front, back and sides. It protrudes in the front a bit to prevent scratches on the screen. The soft silicon won’t protect from epic big drops, but for everyday use and wear and tear on the phone, it should do well.

Reception: I did not notice any drop or enhancement of reception for the iPhone 3GS that I tested this on.

Price: The case itself is 7 dollars, and is currently on sale! Very good deal!

Extra: The design of the silicon is AMAZING! There is a cool circle design on the back and feels awesome with the grip. I have never liked the feel of silicon cases, but this one feels amazing! I think the grip/design on the back is what makes this phone worth its price!

For more information, go to ZZCASE.COM, and if you wish to contact me with questions, or would like for me to review a product for you, email me at [email protected]. Look for a video review of the case soon ☺!

As always, if you have any questions, post em below