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Thread: ZZCASE.COM iPhone 4 Candy Bumper Case

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    July 21 2010

    ZZCASE.COM iPhone 4 Bumper Review sent me some products to review for them, their latest one being the iPhone 4 bumper case. I was sent a fluorescent yellow bumper, and a smoked bumper to review.

    Color: Both looked pretty amazing, depending which personality fits you best. Their bumper cases are of candy color, so they are very bright and vibrant. Luckily for me, the smoked case does it job by keeping the dark black look of the iPhone. Either way, the colors go very well to what fits you best. My sister, for example, really liked the fluorescent yellow.

    Fit: After two days of using the case, the fit is still very strong. I was surprised by how precise the plastic is. The plastic has bumps that cover the buttons while stilling making them all very easy to press. Many cases have holes for the buttons, but this one has a thin plastic that is cut to the buttons, and allows them to be pressed easily while protecting them. I am sure this will suffer from some wear and tear if you keep removing it and putting it back on, but as a soft plastic, it is very very sturdy which surprised me. It is not like those flimsy cases, but rather, it is hard, but when you feel it, it is squishy and feels good in your hand.

    Protection: This offers great protection to what I like to call “small accidents”. A small drop, maybe sliding it across the table- it will protect all of those. The case fits around all the buttons perfectly, and covers all the edges. It protrudes ever so slightly so that it protects the screens as well, though not by much. This case will not protect from hard falls and drops, it isn’t rock hard plastic, but to me, this is enough. If you are looking for true protection from any type of drop, a bumper case in general is not the way to go, but the cases come with screen protectors for both sides, which is a giant plus.

    Reception: O, the famous grip of death. While testing out the new case, my dropped calls and loss of signal occurred a lot less then normal, but they still existed. It isn’t a 100% fix for the iPhone reception issue because of the thin plastic, but it does help substantially!

    Price: For 20 dollars, this is a great deal. According to the website, you receive screen protectors for the front and the back and a microfiber cloth, and along with the case, it seems like a great deal compared to the iPhone 4 Bumper Case by Apple. I recommend it if you are in the market for a bumper case as it does it job right. I personally am not a big fan of bumper cases, but it serves its purpose very well.

    Extra: The best part about the case, to me, is the intense grooves that increase grip on the case. While at first they seem odd, it increases the grip substantially when on the phone or playing games.

    For more information, go to ZZCASE.COM, and if you wish to contact me with questions, or would like for me to review a product for you, email me at [email protected]. Look for a video review of the case soon ☺! You can also leave a post here and I will reply !
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    idk looks kind of flimsy judging from the pictures compared to the bumper
    might even break from one drop on the floor

    thats imo

    good review seems to cover all my questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by remag49 View Post
    idk looks kind of flimsy judging from the pictures compared to the bumper
    might even break from one drop on the floor

    thats imo

    good review seems to cover all my questions
    I agree, as I stated above, this will not protect from big drops that scare us all. I have dropped it on the carpet already, but nothing happened. This protects more from mostly scratches you get from sliding across table, being in your pocket, etc. I think the big plus is that it includes protector for front and back : )! I believe this is thinner then the bumper.

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    seem a bit to fragile for my taste

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