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Thread: iPhone 4 Aluminium Back Panel

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    Default iPhone 4 Aluminium Back Panel
    so does anyone else think that some company should design a replacement back panel for the iPhone 4 that is aluminium? Considering how easy it is to remove the back panel, it seems that creating an aluminum back panel should be a piece of cake. Does anyone know if this already exists? and if not, we should band together and get a company to create one of these. I feel by doing this, we can have the durability of the first gen iPhone, which in my opinion was the most durable iPhone ever built.

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    Seems like it would be easy enough to make.
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?

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    I don't know. The first gen iPhone dented way to easy IMO. But if made like the new MacBook pro aluminum then this would be a great idea. I love my iPhone 4 but it seems like one good drop and it's all over. Hope someone make a aluminum back or atleast a durable replacement

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    Im waiting for one. Since day 1 i know it would be sexy without glass and with aluminum.

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    Well I would love to buy different housing!
    Different colors different materials etc..
    Considering how easy it is to take out the back housing

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    I believe the reason Apple moved away from the aluminum case on the iPhone 3G and forward was because it hindered the signal.
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    ^^^ What he said.

    It would look nice but would basically be an ipod

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    How about an iPad style back?

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    well i agree that having an aluminum back would hinder the signal strength of the iPhone, however, only if the antennas were located internally. Considering the infamous steel band antenna is on the outside of iPhone 4, wouldn't an aluminum back do a negligible amount of attenuation to the overall signal? if not aluminum, someone needs to create an affordable wood back, that would be straight baller. wood, metal, and glass

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    i heard from some other forum that they are not perfect fit.i m not sure if it is true.

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    Pretty nice looking! I wouldn't mind having one, but I never order from overseas companies. I have had issues doing so in the past.

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    iPhone 4 4G Aluminum Rear Panel,Battery Cover Replacement from online store lingosbox

    Someone deleted the pictures,i reposted the pictures:
    i do this because some friends need them to replace their broken
    glass panel,it's the best replacement i promise.

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