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Thread: Bodyguardz or Zagg?

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    Default Bodyguardz or Zagg?
    Just ordered an i4 from an At&t store. I don't know whether to go with bodyguardz or Zagg. Are there any noticeable differences?

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    Att screen protector hands down. They are the best of the best, then slip it in an ifrogz case and you will have the back protected.

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    I like Zagg. Its got a kind of i guess rubbery feel to it which is nice. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty. If you ever need a replacement, they will send you one and it will only cost $3.95 (for the shipping)

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    Got a Zagg on mine, full body. Its a case without the bulkiness or ugliness.

    If you go to bestbuy and buy it, get he 8 dollar install. They install it for you, perfectly, and if theres any air bubbles or you just want it replaced. Just bring it back there and they will replace it for the first 30 days. After you can get replacements by sending to Zagg.

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    The Zagg I got from BB sucks!!! I exchanged one and had them do it and it still looked like an orange peel after 3 days. So I took it back and got my money back. Got an Anti-glare/finger print one from AT&T store and it sucks too. Gonna try and exchange it and have them do it or just get my money back and live with it. I have a case on it for the back and sides and need something for the front but I don't want another case or and huge one that protects the whole thing. So I don't have a clue what I am gonna do.
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    i have had the zagg max coverage on mine for about a week now. i had a high opinion about it, and i looked now to see if the orange peel texture had gone down at all and i noticed that the back has slid up significantly.

    i let it sit overnight after i put it on and it hasnt moved since then. maybe its bc the temp is over 100 today and just being outside has made the film shrink slightly.

    just another thing to note down before the final review goes down....

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    I have to go with ZAGG on this one. Great scratch protection and the lifetime warranty is a nice add-on.

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    any difference between zagg and BSE for the front? I want something that isn't too tacky and something that won't detract from the clarity of the screen (or add too many fingerprints).

    Also, I may wait for powersupport to come out with either crystal or anti-glare. Any thoughts on those?

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    I personally would stay away from anything privacy, mirrored, or anti-glare. Crystal clear is best. I've had zaggs on my 3gs and now my iPhone 4 and I really like them. The only complaint is a little bit of orange peel effect. It doesn't hinder the clarity of the screen at all though. The zaggs have such great quality and fit, and with the lifetime warranty you really can't go wrong.
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?

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    I used a zagg shield on my 3G. It is the full coverage one. It has the orange peel look but has a sticker feel in your hand. Feels like it won't slip. I decided to go with the bodyguardz one this time on my iphone 4. I like the look of it much better than the zagg. It has no orange peel effect and feels smooth in your hand. Definitly recommend it. I have the full coverage on the bodyguardz. Plus you get two shields for the price of one through zagg.

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    FYI According to an email from Zagg, they have another version of the total body protection surface shield either out or coming soon that includes edge protection to fix the DeathGrip. I had my Zagg put on at BB before I picked up my phone on launch day. They did not charge extra to install it. And I have had zero problems with it. I bought and installed the iColor Wrap in clear. $7.77 for two with free shipping. Comes in a bunch of colors also.

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    personally id go with zagg.. just from personal uses on my 3G and 3GS

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    Phantomskinz hands down

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    I got a zag front and back and a case fits fine. The zag is great! Slight rubber feel but this thing protects real well.

    Quote Originally Posted by aimetti View Post
    Phantomskinz hands down
    Do they have a full body
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    I got a Zagg installed at BB about 3 weeks ago. The orange peel looks goes away. With the use so far, its working out great. i have an Apple bumper on it until my vapor comes in. I had BB install it, then let the phone sit for 1 day to dry. I think the dry time helps too.

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    Got a Zagg and after putting on the Apple bumper, the corners started to peel up. Orange peel look never went away either. Also did not like how the tacky-ness of the surgace semed to be a magnet for fingerprints and other spurious flecks.

    Bought a Bodyguardz skin and so far LOVE it. No orange peel, the little bubbles underneath do disappear in 2 days as well. While the surface is still a bit tacky feeling- its not as bad as the Zagg and seems to stay looking cleaner. While with the Bodyguardz I did go from 5 bars to 3 with the death grip, its exactly the same with the Apple bumper. FWIW, if you still like th elook or protection of the bumper- it will not peel the edges of the Bodyguardz as it did the Zagg.

    Bodyguardz FTW.

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    I like Best Skins Ever. They are cheaper then both and work just as well.

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    I have used Zagg for most of my gadgets but I will probably try Wrapsol shield for my next gadget may be IPhone 5.
    I like Zagg but don't like the thick orange peel and it is harder to install Zagg, IMO.

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    I went with these guys for my iphone and iPad. Minimal orange peal after a few days that let's the screens of all my idevices look fantastic.
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    Zagg all the way

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