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Thread: Dock connector covers

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    Default Dock connector covers
    I was in Radioshack the other day and saw dock connector covers.

    After my recent problems with damp lint lodged in the dock port causing "accessory not supported" messages I though I'd give them a try. The $1.99 price tag for a pair didn't stop me.

    They're made by Gigaware, who seem to be Radioshack's brand for iPod/iPhone stuff. They're small pieces of rubber that fit in to the dock connector to prevent stuff getting in.

    Putting one in my iPhone it seems to fit reasonably snugly and it didn't interfere with my case. The black color made it relatively unobtrusive and it didn't seem to want to fall out. In fact my case made it a little tricky to get a nail under the cover to get it off.

    We'll after using it for a couple of days I've found it reassuring to have the dock port covered to prevent stuff getting in there. However I keep forgetting to remove it and then trying to dock my iPhone unsuccessfully. Also I use a car fm transmitter so it feels like I'm continually removing the thing. This leads me to my other issue, I got the covers 2 days ago and already I've misplaced one somewhere at home, it didn't fall out, I left it somewhere. I figure the other on in the pack may survive a little longer, but they're really easy to misplace.

    I doubt they'd help if you dropped your phone in water as they don't cover the speakers but it does offer a little more protection for the iPhone, but having to remove it all the time kinda mans you'll probably lose them fairly quickly. They can take a little tugging to get them to come out of the dock connector and bulky thick cases will make them difficult to grip.

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    thats nice never seen it before where did you get it

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    not trying to be rude, but if you read the first line he says i was at radioshack the other day, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gom33 View Post
    not trying to be rude, but if you read the first line he says i was at radioshack the other day, lol.
    ROFL! It's hard not to be rude about it! He/She deserves it this time for obviously not reading or not reading very well.

    I thought forums were about reading? LOL!

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    I'm a big fan of this sort of thing.
    More cases should have this function built in so you don't lose the little buggers. There's one out there but I can't remember which.

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    Switcheasy gives one in every case purchase. I found that theirs fell out though or was loose at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhonycovers View Post
    thats nice never seen it before where did you get it

    First four words

    "I was in radioshack"

    But cool concept for those who get their phones dirty
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