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Thread: Apple Bumper Review

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    Default Apple Bumper Review
    I'll keep this short and sweet, it looks good and feels good but the bottom line is if you are like me and hate removing a case every time you need to charge then stay away from this case. Apple just keeps the hits coming.

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    Are you saying it blocks a usb from being plugged into the phone?
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?

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    Yeah but looks like the apple one works only. So any third party chargers won't fit.

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    My Apple and Griffin cable works fine.

    I really like the case.

    -Rubber Front & Back
    -Nice Sleek Plastic Sides
    -Extremely responsive metal buttons
    -Fits with I would say any front and back protector even the edge protectors I have on

    -Headphone jack only accepts Apple headphones or adapters that are small
    -Dock connector only accepts Apple cables or other brands keeping to Apple specs
    -Silent switch is kind of hard to get at.

    I wish they found a way to make the silent switch fit on the case like the other buttons but on the other hand it is no hard to accidentally put the phone on silent. Also I have been looking for a dock adapter that is the side of the Apple dock and will convert old style to the new.

    Here is two images. My camera kept wanting to focus on the reflection.

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    I agree with Sekazi. My apple wall/computer charger works well with the bumper on and my Griffin car charger works well also. I love having the bumper on my iPhone 4.

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    Slightly off-topic, but I wish Apple would have limited the # of bumper purchases on launch day. My store was sold out by the time I got my iPhone, and of course now we see them posted on eBay for $60.

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    My local Apple store got a large shipment of black bumpers yesterday. Picked one up today; very well done. This is a keeper.

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    I saw a ton of the bumpers at the Apple Store today. I'm thinking that now that a lot of nice cases (e.g. Incipio) are finally out there for less than the $29 they're asking, demand is slowing down...

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    I finally got one tonight too (my store also got more in stock). Very nice! I think it definitely feels like an Apple product, design-wise.

    ... as Death Grip-gate continues, it really makes you question their reasons for suddenly deciding to sell a case though.

    But, as ridiculous as $30 for a simple case sounds, it's so well-designed, I can live with that.

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    Its sorta flimsy if you are used to a hard case. I dont like flexy things.

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    It does not flex when it is on the iphone.

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    i love this bumper cases

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    I preordered a white for me and pink for my gf can't wait.

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    I just got the one made by Griffin Technology and it is way better. I wish I could get my money back from apple, they never get anything right the first time.

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    i received my orange one today. the silicone part is a lot lighter than what the pictures show. i am thinking of repainting that silicone black to make it a black orange combo. or just returning it, i kind of want that vapor one but $80 is steep for a freaking case, lol. still waiting on my wife's pink one, after seeing mine though, she actually thinks hers is probably going to turn out the same, too bright of a pink. she is hoping they will make a purple one though, lol.
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