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Thread: iPhone 4 Cases?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubberneck View Post
    SGP Incredible Shield ULTRA MATTE for Apple iPhone 4 (Matte Type Full Body Screen Protection Film Set)

    Has anyone else got this yet? I was under the impression that the front protector would have a matte finish but it's only the back.

    The front protector is Steinheil Crystal Clear LCD Protection film. The back is matte and has the camera hole, but is missing the the flash hole.

    I am kind of pissed now. When I read Matte Type Full Body Screen Protection Film Set I expected such. After reviewing the site again I see that is not the case. They do not really point out that it is not a full body Matte. Looks like that was a waste of money and I do not even have the protectors yet.

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    finally got my cases from
    will do a review

    now if i can only get my iphone

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    I just watched the ifixyouri video of them breaking an iPhone 4 after 4 drops. The glass does not seem to be more durable. I ordered a body guardz already and I guess I'll get a white bumper. Should hold me over till switcheasy rolls out something sick

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    The iPhone bumper is perfect. It's on my phone now. Well done case by apple.

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    Good to hear. I am low on funds but I ordered a bodyguardz full body and I'm going to pick up a white bumper soon.

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    i always either have just a invisi-shield or an otterbox on my phones so while I'm waiting for Otterbox to release I better not drop it lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by aaauustiinnn View Post
    The iPhone bumper is perfect. It's on my phone now. Well done case by apple.
    How well does it stay on. With other soft cases ive had for my 3Gs they are just crap. I imagine the bumper being like a loose rubber band around the edge of the phone. Does it fit well? How tight is it? Does it have any tendency to come off?

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    Default iFrogz iPhone 4 Case
    Since there is a small assortment of iPhone 4 cases out there I have decided to go to my local Best Buy to purchase an iFrogz case I have seen on their site. I have never heard of iFrogz brand before (big incase slider case fan here) But I have decided to purchase one since it's better to have some sort of protection then none at all.

    Things to like about the case:

    -hard matte-finished plastic (won't slip out of your hands)
    -some type of sway material inside, prevents case from scratching up your new idevice
    -slim design
    -easy to remove
    -available in variety of colors

    Things I don't like about the case:

    -missing clear protective film for front of the iphone (typo on the bestbuy site? dunno but film is missing)
    -iPhone is a bit exposed by the mute/volume buttons
    -price $29.99
    -hard to install protective shield film (I have ruined one already, looks like I will have to rock the case without one)

    I really like this case, it will do for now. I'm waiting for Uncommon to release an iPhone 4 Case.
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    A nice soft leather slip on case will do just fine ... Just have to wait for iphone4 to arrive in aus.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sekazi View Post
    I am kind of pissed now. When I read Matte Type Full Body Screen Protection Film Set I expected such. After reviewing the site again I see that is not the case. They do not really point out that it is not a full body Matte. Looks like that was a waste of money and I do not even have the protectors yet.
    Well I got it today and I hate it. The front protector will not completely go down so around the home button and around the ear peice there are edges that pop up. They did not cut a hole for the front camera. On the back the matte protector is soft and is nothing more than a sticker. It stretches so it is nearly impossible to apply properly. The lack of a cutout on the flash makes the flash useless because it causes a blue overcast on all pictures with flash.

    This will stay on just until I get a brand I can trust. SwitchEasy bettey hurry on a full body matte protector.

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    Since Apple is sold out of the bumpers for now, I picked up a Belkin case at Best Buy yesterday and it's pretty solid. Clear flexible plastic that covers the back and sides, slightly protruding past the front edge so I can lay the phone face down.

    While I still plan to acquire a bumper, this is a nice option -- provides good protection and looks sharp (you can still see the steel).
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    The Otterbox case renderings for the iPhone 4 are in -> Link

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    Can anybody recommend a good case that i can get that does not have an issue with the flash?

    Almost all of the case's iv looked at cant handle the flash and the case causes horrible reflection as they have not made the slot wide enough.

    I'm hoping incase will announce theirs soon as they normally make good products

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    Well I ordered the iPhone 4 Bumper Case on the 15th with overnight shipping. It ships out the 24th and today is the 25th and it was no where to be found.

    I called Apple and told them. They looked at the order and refunded me my $16 giving me free shipping on it. I am still kind of pissed I wont have it until Tuesday next week.

    I am still looking for a Matte front and back protector is it using the static cling. The SGP is just not cutting it. The front has finger prints and the camera is covered and on the back matte protector it does not covert it completely and has bubbles since it was a sticker and was impossible to put on since it also stretched and got dust on it. The flash is covered so every picture using flash has a blue haze on it.

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    Default Bumper like case
    Quote Originally Posted by Craig02 View Post
    Guys, I bought a cheap silicone case about a week ago for the new iphone and i was planning on buying a proper one at a latter date. I like the look of the bumper case. Do you think the materials on the back of the new iphone will be durable enough against general scratches?
    i actually found a case thats the same as the bumper case + a clear back piece at Best Buy. It's the only one i liked. Looks just like a bumper and keeps the back clean and scratchless!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oolatec View Post
    I can't stand those silicone cases... they attract every bit of dust/lint/dirt etc. I learned my lesson when I had my 1st Gen. iPod. heh

    I got this one to tide me over. Who knows... maybe it will end up being ok. Heck, it's only $7.

    iPhone 4G TPU Flexi Graphic Skin Case - Smoke Check
    I got one for my ipad ($12)and ordered another one for my iphone 4. I love that material.

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