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Thread: THIN drop protection

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    Default THIN drop protection

    I am looking for a thin drop-protection case from my iPhone 3GS. Here are my criteria:

    1) Thin
    2) Good drop protection
    3) Ideally, it is as minimalistic as possible with no "cool designs".

    Here are the criteria I DO NOT CARE ABOUT AT ALL:

    1) Scratch protection. I don't care about scratches on the front or back of my screen. They do not affect functionality. Dropping the phone and having my screen crack in 1000 places does, on the other hand.

    2) Belt holster. Don't need it.

    3) Screen protection - do not need it. As long as the "case" will protect the front from a fall (by covering at least the front edges to create space between screen and pavement). I am fine with my fingers touching the screen all day.

    I did a search and found this thread. However it is more than two years old and I was wondering if something else was on the market. From that thread I understood the Contour Showcase to be a good bet, but personally I find the front design ugly. If it really is the best thin protection though, I could deal with the ugly design.


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    CaseCrown Apple iPhone 3G 3GS Polycarbonate Glider Case - Red Garnet -

    I've owned a couple of these cases. They are exactly like the incase slider, but have a nice felt liner so the back of the phone doesnt get scratched.

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    My post from another forum:

    "Silicone cases are too thick, as compared to hard shell cases. Take a look at the Case-Mate Barely There Case. It's only 1.07mm thick (thinner than a dime). I have the el cheapo $5 Kroo Shell from the same seller - I just measured it and it's 1.44mm thick, about the thickness of a penny.

    The silicone cases are also very difficult to slide in an out of your pocket. It's great for the added grip, but sucks for sliding in and out of your pocket. My el cheapo Kroo shell is only $5. I think the Case-Mate case sells for ~$20. Gizmoaccessories is not a bad place to check them out and buy them. Fast service. They have user reviews as well...although it's pretty sparse right now.

    Personally, I like my phone naked. I had to get a case because I share my phone with my daughter in the evenings and this case has survive 3 ft drops.

    I have to warn you though. Dropping the hard shell on carpet is okay, I've don't it at ~5ft. Dropping it on concrete will be painful. I highly doubt any of these hard shell cases will add any protection. You need the cushion of a silicon case to protect you for anything by the shortest falls."

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    Incipio's NGP case is about as thin as an Incase slider, and it should provide some shock protection...they also don't get sticky like silicone cases. I used one for a few months, and decided to try no case a month or two ago since I had never dropped my phone. I'm liking it better, but I really had no complaints about the NGP.

    As ridiculously easy as the chromed out stuff like my old iPod 3G and iTouch was to scratch, I am somewhat shocked at the durability of the iPhone 3GS plastic back. I decided I just shouldn't care about scratches when I took the NGP off, and i haven't gotten any yet.

    Honestly the only thing I fear is scratching the glass via a drop.

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    Well, I have Zero 5 Iphone Case from and the case is super thin and the case is clear. I have hot pink apple Swarovski logo on it to show off. I had it for 5 months and so far, is fine. Protect from Scratch and Drops. About the front, you can use their screen protector to protect the front like mines.

    iPhone 3G/3GS case - Zero 5 (0.5mm) and Swarovski Apple logo (Swarovski Crystallized)

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    they are great

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    INCIPIO Feather

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