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Thread: More-Thing cases?

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    Default More-Thing cases?
    Well, that is some weird name for a brand, but that's probably because they're chinese? (Not being racist or anything, It's just that I haven't figured out what exactly does that mean yet)

    So anyway, I stumbled onto their site. They seem to have extremely stylish cases that look pretty damn nice, reasonably priced. I was looking into this one:{2}102

    Just looks really elegantly remarkable and classy. At least on pictures. The mirror screen protector along with that silver case appears to be a big WIN. Oh, I'm just hoping I wouldn't give the impression of an... umm... a homosexual? If I get the silver one

    Sadly I wasn't able to find any professional reviews. Google didn't do it for me this time. Maybe it just might, prolly gonna have to look a little harder.

    I'm just wondering how good are they in terms of protection.

    Anodized plastic case with metallic finishing
    Does that sound durable? I'm not a heavy user. Worst thing I probably do to my iPhone is slide it from time to time on tables (the table IS really clean and smooth most the time)
    Anyone has a clue what might get that material scratched? Someone who supposedly bought that case sad he/she had his/her case with with scratches out of the box (see "read reviews" in the product page). I'm pretty sure that's irrelevant, since his/her case (other meaning ) is probably an exceptional faulty product. Heh, on second thought, both translations will do the job here.

    Another concern is whether it scratches the iPhone itself or not, which actually might be a bigger concern for me. Mine still looks brand new, even though I've been using it naked.

    Bottom line, just hoping someone could share some experience with this brand, not even on this particular case. What I want out of this case is the looks, mild protection, and keep my iPhone itself scratch-free (I've already heard of quite a few cases that scratch the iPhone itself, which btw these companies should get sued up their a** imo for that). Oh, and hopefully it feels nice to hold and not TOO thick (not looking for an Icipio Feather here. Althought they are great )


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    I have the Storm, from Gizmo Accessories. You can buy and return if you don't like it. They have a pretty cool people.

    It's hard to scratch the case itself. I found it too slippery (not much better than the iphone itself so didn't use it much). I am back to my el cheapo Kroo shell. I gave mine away to my cousin. It's really stylist for sure. Doesn't appear to scratch the iPhone. The inside of the case reminds me of the Case-Mate Barely Naked or Slim case. The thickness is just slightly more due textured design surface.
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