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Thread: Macally FlexFit: Favorite case to date!!!

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    Default Macally FlexFit: Favorite case to date!!!
    I didn't see anything on these cases in here, so I figured I'd write a little review on mine.

    Macally FlexFit case

    I found a 'smoke' colored clear case at Fry's Electronics a while back for my iPhone 3G. It is a one-piece case, that slips over the phone like a silicon case, but it is NOT like any rubber or silicon case you've ever used. It feels like it is make of warm plastic. I say this because it is still like plastic, yet has some grip, so you aren't holding a wet bar of soap.

    Pulling the phone of of my jeans pocket (I'm a dude) is easy, and does not turn my pocket inside out. Pulling the phone out of my pocket while sitting (VERY important to a high school student ) is surprisingly easy. Note: when I do this, I 'grab' the phone from the top with my hand outside the pocked and just slide it out till it hits my palm then pull it out. I don't know how most people do this, but if you do it, then that will make sense... The case is slick enough to do this without pulling the pocked out of the jeans, but is by no means as slick as the bare phone in a pocket.
    Half my phone drops happen here guys. With the bare phone, it's so slick the phone practically launches itself out of my pocket. If it doesn't do that, trying to grab it with my hand is like balancing a slice of butter on a warm knife.

    IN MY HONEST OPINION, this case is the perfect balance of slickness and grip for ME in a phone case.

    Drops. I haven't dropped my phone much with this case, but I've dropped on pavement, carpet, and tile. Pavement left a teeny tiny scuff on the corner of the case, but the case is the same color all the way through, so it's invisible from anything more than a foot from my face. Tile and carpet did no damage to the phone. I've yet to have a phone be damaged in any way shape or form while using this case.

    With this case, the loud/vibe switch is open in the same gap as the volume buttons. All three of these are exposed. There is a lip around them, but I thought it worth mentioning, as some cases are different.
    Note: lock/sleep button is covered and is not impeded by the case. I've noticed lots of cases make locking your phone a pain, this one does not!
    Headphone jack is also open. Have not found any headphone to have trouble with this case.
    Bottom opening extends across both speakers, including the dock in one gap. I find this makes the strip along the bottom edge very flimsy in some cases (common break point) and spaghetti in silicon cases (seen a few tears start here). This strip is not all that thin on this case and does not buckle up much (if at all) when the case is gripped tightly from the sides.

    I've loved tons of other cases, but refused to use them because they don't extend up past the edge of the metal lip to the screen. Two reasons, one, when the phone falls and it falls flat, that lip provides some cushioning and gap between the screen and the table/floor/ground. Two, I've been known to set my phone down on it's face/screen. If I were to do this on a perfectly flat table, but there is one spec of dirt, or sand, or anything, it'll almost certainly scratch my screen. With the lip on the case, unless you set your phone on gravel, rough dirt, or Mt. Everest, your screen won't be in contact with the surface to scratch it.

    I've only noticed two things I did not like with this case.
    One, the back is suspended off the phone just a bit with plastic dots that are part of the case. That sounds confusing...The case is only touching the back/sides of the phone by 58 little dots that are flat on top. The flaw with this? If a ton of dirt and stuff gets in the case, tiny shifts can actually etch little dots into the case of the phone. These are tiny and not TOO TOO obvious on my black 3GS. But you can still see them at arm's length IF you catch them in the light.
    Two, the case seems to stretch a bit if you tend to take it off/put it back on often. I did this with my 3G and it stretched out ever so slightly, allowing the phone to move a millimeter or two (unnoticeable to me), but that's what caused the dots to put marks on the phone.

    I am on my second one. I upgraded to a 3GS, and had to get white, as it blows my skirt up. Having a white phone, I had to be able to see it and show it off, so I went back to Fry's Electronics to get a clear version of this case. They didn't have the clear or even the smoked version. I did a quick search and found the manufacturer's site, stating the CLEAR FlexFit case was not available yet. I was on the US site, so I Googled some and bought one for $10 less than retail AFTER shipping. I paid a little over $20 for my case, shipped to my front door here in Texas from wherever. Macally's site shows the retail on these at $30 each (still without being able to buy a clear one).

    My new, clear case, on my 3GS, has not stretched or scratched the white back at all.

    I'm not sure on site policies yet, so I'll wait and post links if people like this review and want a better look. Pics will be added in a sec though.

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    they are great

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