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Thread: Apple earphones defective?

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    Default Apple earphones defective?
    Anyone else having problems with earphones? The left speaker on mine went bad with a loud crackling sound. The apple store replaced them in a snap, no questions asked. But that set went bad too! In a few days!
    Both times it was the left speaker. The employee at the apple store said there have been a few returns but nothing on a large scale.
    The only thing I can think of is the possibility of moisture entering when I work out and sweat. But I have had every generation ipod, and use this phone in the same way, and I never had problems before.

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    I think the apple earphones are badly (cheaply) designed, like most bundled headphones.

    Although I expect better from apple, it isnt surprising. There is a tutorial here explaining how to put other earphones on the apple cables, giving you good quality speakers with an inline mic and button!

    Might be worth a try if you are getting no luck...?

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    you probably listen to music too loudly. The ipod headphones always seem to get busted if you listen too loudly and then start to make that crackling sound. I don't think that sweat would have anything to do with it although I may be wrong. All I know is my brother who has busted many iPod headphones by listening to them super loud.

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    I have the exact same problem too. First the left went bad, now the right is showing the same signs. I have not exchanged them yet. I listen to podcasts and talk on the phone with the white ones, and listen to music with my cheap noise canceling sony's.

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    I don't care for this new set that came with the iPhone. I still have my iPod earbuds that came with the clickwheel (2nd gen) and they work perfectly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidetalker View Post
    you probably listen to music too loudly.
    Not even close. They never even approach full volume.

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    Happened to mine too. The left side went all crackly.

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    yea. take them back to the apple store. They have stacks of them waiting to swap.

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    Mine just went bad too - on the left. I hate the way they fit in my ear, but love the small microphone - thinking of trying ultimatebuds, but don't have confidence in the microphone part to attach such nice earbuds to it. What about v-moda? How are they?

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    my right side went bad and i wasnt about to drive an hour to the apple store to trade them in so i did the earphone mode and love it!!! it is so much better than those cheap iphone earbuds...

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    i have a ?, do you all remember the black round foam pieces what fit over the earpieces, came with my 3rd gen ipod, why not with the iphone? would keep them in place and cancel noice, or am i wrong?

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    i'm having the same issue with the left earbud. i had suspected that it was just a headset issue, but i wasn't completely certain, so this is something of a relief.

    man, i'd like to try modding these earbuds. it's not all that expensive of a gamble, i guess. it's just beyond what i think my capabilities are. we'll see.

    also, i find this forum endlessly compelling and informative. thank yous all.

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    well, my first soldering job actually went very well. it totally works, but i tested on just a crappy pair of earbuds from radio shack. i'll get a better pair tomorrow and do it again. pretty easy, actually.

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    it true but i am in uae dubai where i replace heeee heee i buy the unlock......

    but i try soldering is not my job i buy fake chinese it cost just 1 usd..
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