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Thread: Whats the best case for me??

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    Question Whats the best case for me??
    I've been looking through iLounges reviews on cases and I can't figure out what I want. I want a reasonably priced case that doesn't make it too bulky and is easy to slide in and out of a pocket. I like the switcheasy rebel but when Ive seen it in person it seems really bulky. And I like the switcheasy colors but it worries me that its all rubber and will get stuck coming in and out of pockets and stretch out. What do you guys recommend for my needs?

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    i have had the iphone since first generation and have tried MANY MANY MANY cases .. i wasted alot of money .. and i can honestly say incase slider is the best .. the matte black .. the rubberized coating makes it easy to slide in and out of pocket but enough friction that it doesnt slip out .. the fit is great pretty much perfect .. silicone cases are hard to take out your pocket and regular hard cases slide out my pocket when sitting down and getting up .. incase is 35 bux though .. to me its worth it as long as its the last case i buy and stop trying new cases lol .. switcheasy capsule neo i like alot also but the corners get snagged in my pocket and hair gets stuck in places (ima hair stylist) .. so my suggestion is incase slider .. i know ALOt of people have incase but it seriously is the best case imo .. good luck .. and if u dont go wit incase atleast get any hard case with rubberized coating

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    look at my web site i would recommend the rebel scholars or incase sliders look at my reviews for both there are alot of other cases on there you might like as well - Product Reviews, Free Giveaways and More!

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    If you enjoy scratches on the back of your phone and bezel, get the incase slider. If not try the iSkin Solo or Solo FX. I've had slider cases, silicone cases, air jackets, Rebels, Capsules, etc....the list is endless. I like the Solo best for my uses. Good Luck.

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    Check out POLYCARBONATE GLIDER - iPHONE It's a lot like the InCase slider with the rubberized matte finish, but it has felt lining to make sure that the case doesn't scratch the back of your phone. It feels like butter when it slides on, but be warned that it does tend to show a little more bezel than the Slider does. However, the trade off is that it's a lot easier to use a screen protector with the Glider case because it doesn't cover up as much of the outside of the screen.

    I've been using one for a few weeks now and I'll never go back to an InCase. It feels amazing in your hand.

    Also, they're having a sale until the end of summer. Until 9/21, all their cases are $9.21. Regular retail for this case is $24.95, and worth every penny, but for under 10 bucks you really can't beat this case.

    There's a YouTube review of it here:

    [ame=]YouTube - Review: CaseCrown Glider[/ame]
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    I would recommend Incase for it looks and design

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