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Thread: iPhone 3GS Rubber/Silicone case to go along with Invisible shield?

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    Default iPhone 3GS Rubber/Silicone case to go along with Invisible shield?
    I've decided to use the InvisibleShield on my iPhone 3GS (When I get it). Anyways, I'm looking for a plain Rubber/Silicone Case to also put over the InvisibleShield just for more protection.

    I'm looking for just a plain, Smooth, Black or White case but have yet to come across one. I'd much rather have a black one to be honest with you, But White works too. No design's, Just a smooth black or white case.

    Here is an example of what I'm looking for. Right now its on my number one list. If you know of anything else like that, For the iPhone 3GS, That fit's what I would like... Then please post away. I also saw a black one made by the same company, But It didn't have any protection over the Chrome.

    Click Here for case

    Also, If you have any comments about the case I've shown as an example then please post away. I was told that they rip very easily and I'm not even sure if its compatible with the InvisibleShield yet. I guess that's were you all come in

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    When I was searching for a soft case it was hard to find one that wasn't too flexible and would just fall off the phone (putting it in and out of pockets etc.) Especially because many didnt wrap around the front of the phone enough. After using a few different cases I tried the incipio dermashot

    Cases and Accessories - dermaSHOT

    I liked it cause it wasn't too thick and fit tightly around the phone. It wasnt too soft or flexible that it would easily stretch and slip off the phone, and the way that it goes around the top and bottom of the face makes allows it to hold on really well.

    edit: ps added bonus. it comes with a screen protector.

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    Iskin Revo2

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    I too own an incipio dermashot. It's a pretty good case that fits great. Also pretty much every silicone/rubber case is going to fit over an Invisible Shield full body. It's just that hard cases that you have to be carful with. The only soft case I know of that you would have a problem getting on over an Invisible shield is the Casemate Vroom case. I had a hard time just getting it on my iPhone with nothing else on it. Good luck though with your search I hope you find what your looking for.
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    i recommend iSkin Revo2

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