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Thread: Music through my BT headset. with 3.0

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    Default Music through my BT headset. with 3.0
    just got my BT headset, samsung WEP500, works fine with the phone functions, but I am unable to listen to music or podcasts with it. anyone know why this is? I have searched and am unable to find anything.

    thanks in advance.

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    Because it doesnt have A2DP (stereo) support.

    You have to have a bluetooth headset that supports A2DP. I have a jawbone that doesnt, and a Motorola HT820 that does.

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    is there a work around for this? that is the only reason I bought this, so I could use it at work to listen to podcasts

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    Workaround, buy a stereo bluetooth headset.

    Its the headset, which you cant change.

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    thought there might be some kind of software work around. read about some for previous firmware. I also found this Bluetooth Compatible Cell Phones Models
    what is diff on 3G (S) that it would work on it?

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    A2DP is stereo. Both the phone and the bluetooth headset has to support it. It is software based.

    Your bluetooth headset does NOT have it........there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing.

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    why on that web page does it say that it will work with 3GS?

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    dude... it's not the phone.. it the particular headset you are using. That headset DOES NOT SUPPORT A2DP!

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    Ok last time Ima gonna tell ya the same thing....

    That page is a listing of whats supported on CELL PHONES....and has nothing to do with your bluetooth HEADSET.

    This is from the specs page of YOUR SAMSUNG WEP500 HEADSET:

    Bluetooth Hands-free profile(HF) and Headset profile(HSP) are supported on this Bluetooth version 2.0, class 2 device for fast, secure connectivity up to 30 feet away.
    Do you see A2DP listed??? No. And thats the stereo part.

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    I understand that it will not work with my phone. No need to be a smart ***. I then asked why it states that it will work with the 3GS. is there something different on that phone. plain and simple question, if it's to complicated for you then dont answer. No need for the caps lock and dumb replies.

    and I do see A2DP checked under Iphone 3G S
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    Dont really know what your looking for, good luck.

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    and again, still no answer to the second question,

    Is there something different on the iphone 3GS that makes it work?

    plain and simplw second question. If you are so smart that you just keep repeating the same answer to the first question, just keep and more caps lock.

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    Maybe you need to learn how to formulate questions...

    "Is there something different on the iphone 3GS that makes "it" work?"

    What the hell is "it"?

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    sorry, thought you were smart enough to figure out the A2DP is checked under the iphone 3GS on that page. "it" would be the headset working with A2DP on the iphone 3GS.

    simple enough for you?

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    Lol. I love it.

    For the third time.

    The page you linked has NOTHING to do with your headset...get that through your head.

    Its simply a list of cell phones and there supported drivers.......thats all.

    So who's smart enough.....lmao.

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    thanks again for the same response. forums are so full of people who think they are so smart but cant answer a simple question, just try to make the poster look dumb. if you don't know, just don't answer. I asked a second question you still keep saying the same answer to the first question. GREAT JOB!!

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    OP question answered several times. No need for further discussion.

    Thread closed.

    PS- Im being nice.

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    Theres only so many ways Im gonna say "It aint gonna work"

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