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Thread: NEW Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone

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    Default NEW Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone
    Yes, there is a new case for the iPhone on the block. It is a real carbon fiber case. Check it out at their site. Be warned it is a little pricey $79.99.
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    second most ugliest case ever behind the outerbox lol)

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    really cool concept! i love thats its real carbon fiber, but that huge whole in the back where you put the iphone in just kinda bugs me...........

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    I agree that thing looks huge, I've never been a fan of covering too much of the front of the phone.. Also the CF Grade is really high for such a small device. It looks like automotive grade carbon fiber. They should use something with a smaller grain.

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    Ugly! And that website is ugh!

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    The company name is Belch. Fitting, I think.

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    looks nice. i hope its durable! lol

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    I just bought a CF hood for my car and it was $500... who do they think they are?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HomieG35 View Post
    I just bought a CF hood for my car and it was $500... who do they think they are?...
    What year is your G35?

    I have an Acura 02 TL-S myself and have been thinking of getting a CF hood, but not only are they expensive, but they're also nowhere to be found.

    On the other hand, I actually wanna sell my car and get the upcoming 09 G35

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    But will the screen still crack when it's dropped?
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    lol, i think im the only one who likes it
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    probably. that is super ugly

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    Wow, that looks HORRIBLE! Although Carbon Fiber is quite nice.
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    I think of looks fantastic. I like the hardcore industrial feel.
    The downside: pricey

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    I don't like it too much. I wish they would have at least covered the back where the phone slides in.
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    I mean, I'm pretty sure that Carbon Fiber is one of the tackier things out there. There's probably some retard out there that thinks if he puts this case on his phone, his car will go faster. cf=lame.

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    Warning, regardless of your likes or dislikes, if you order, which I did to see if it would fit my needs, 13 days later, even with "Priority Shipping", still no case!

    800 number for support is VM, and they won't answer emails!

    They said they were "over whelmed" with orders!

    Be careful, alot of money to wait for eternity!

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    Default Belch Co iphone case problems
    i ordered the belch co iphone carbon fiber case and its been almost a month and i still havent received it nor have i gotten any info from the company. i cant even get ahold of them.

    does anyone have any suggestions?

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