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Thread: Best head/earphones for use with Shure MPA

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    Default Best head/earphones for use with Shure MPA
    So I just got the Shure MPA-C for my iPhone. I like it, but now I'm looking for high quality buds to go along with it. I'm looking for earphones/headphones with short cords that would work nicely with the MPA. I know of Shure's SE line and so far I'm leaning towards the 210s or 220s or whatever they are called. Anyone know of any other brands that might better for around the same price? Standard over the head would be ok too (like PX100, not DJ style).

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    Two of the best links I can provide you with that should give you a lot of help in making a decision are the following:

    The biggest questions are, What is my budget? What would I prefer more? Headphones or Earbuds? For some users, earbuds can get painful or uncomfortable after some time. However, even some headphone manufacturers are known to have some very hard pads attached to them (I know I had issues with Grado 325i's when they went around my ears). It's best to do some more research outside of what is usually suggested (usually Shures or Sennheisers, not to say that they're bad but you should explore your options) as there are alternatives such as Etymotics and DJays which in some cases do better in reviews than the more popular/well known brands. is a great place to find both great reviews and excellent prices. I suggest reading through their website. They provide a fairly comprehensive view on headphones based on your budget if you go directly to this link:

    There you'll be able to select by budget, by application, headphone type and manufacturer.

    Lastly, if you haven't heard, there was a link here somewhere that provided a mod for the iPhone microphone/earbuds where they would swap the earbuds out for etymotic earbuds. I can't find the link right now but i'll edit this post later if I can.

    If you need any additional help you can feel free to PM me or e-mail me and I'll get back to you when I can.

    Hope this helps.

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