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Thread: Incase Power Slider for iPhone 3G

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    Default Incase Power Slider for iPhone 3G
    Just got mine in the mail today. Been trying it out for a good while now.

    Style - I was never big on putting cases on Apple products (why cover up that sexy goodness? =] ), but I have to say: with the battery life on the iPhone, this case was a must. The battery in the case itself makes the iPhone almost double it's original thickness, but this doesn't bother me too much. What I really don't like about it is the "soft touch" rubber exterior. Without the case, my iPhone slides nicely into my pocket, but the texture of this case (think the black MacBook exterior) gets somewhat annoying when trying to slide it into my pocket. There is a grate at the bottom to allow passthrough audio for the speaker and microphone, and it doesn't hinder the audio TOO much, but you can tell there is an obstacle there. One more thing that gets a bit annoying: because of the speaker grate and mini USB at the bottom, the bulge on the case is larger at the bottom than at the top, making landscape typing a wee bit awkward (like on the G1).

    Protection - I've never really cared much about protection either--the glass doesn't scratch and I've never dropped it, but anyway, this case feels like it offers a decent amount of protection. The back has two layers of plastic (they slide away from each other), so obviously there is some leeway left to absorb shock. The full front of the phone is completely exposed, but the case has raised edges, so the glass won't hit the ground if you drop it (unless it lands on a pointy rock or something).

    Functionality - This is where the case shines. It provides over double the battery life of the iPhone's built-in battery, so if you are a light user, you can go days without charging, and if you are a heavy user, you don't have to worry about switching processes on and off to save battery life, which is convenient if you like when your phone searches for Wifi networks nearby. You can check the battery life by pressing a button on the back of the case, which shows the battery life in a similar way to the MacBook by using LEDs. Unlike the Mophie Juice Pack for the original iPhone, which is what I used to use, this case allows syncing with the computer. However, there are some technicalities with this feature. First, the case converts the 30-pin dock connector to mini USB, so you won't be able to use your iPhone cable to charge it, but on the other hand, the case comes with a cable, and any computer user these days has a mini USB cable lying around somewhere, and if you need a quick charge, there's bound to be one around where ever your are moreso than there would be a proprietary Apple cable. In addition, the case will not sync upon immediate connection; when you connect the cable to your case and computer, the computer will only charge the case. You have to hold in the button on the back for 3 seconds to put the case into "Sync mode," upon which the phone will begin syncing to your computer. While this may be annoying to some, I kinda like this feature. Now my phone won't sync every time I plug it in or reboot it since I only really need to sync once a day.

    Overall - I am VERY impressed with this case, and am sure to recommend it to anyone with battery life issues. They retail in Apple Stores for about $80, but you can get one cheap on eBay. I got mine brand new for $50.

    Hope you take my review to heart, and make sure you check out some other video reviews for it on YouTube before committing!

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    I have to agree with this review. I just purchased one yesterday and am loving it so far. I for one enjoy the "soft touch" rubber exterior. It doesn't show any finger prints and scratches at all which I think helps with the overall durability of the case. The case I feel is pretty sturdy. With a decent front face protector it makes for a great combination. It actually feels pretty nice while holding it also. Gives the phone a little more grip.

    As far as functionality goes, it is the best accessory that I have for my phone. It's great having my phone last 2 days with heavy usage instead of having to worry about plugging it in every night.

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    Just got one offa ebay for $59.
    Cant wait till it comes in=))

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