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Thread: Jawbone?

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    Default Jawbone?
    anyone using this BT headset? It seems like its pretty good, but Ive read mixed reviews on it. Just wondering if anyone out here has picked it up, Im considering using my $100 rebate from apple to buy it.

    Pros? COns?

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    love mine...perfect match for the iphone.

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    how is sound quality on the receiving end? what I mean is I have a cheapy motorola BT and people I call with it complain about noisy background and muffled sound quality...

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    Sound quality is decent. While it works well in a loud place it doesn't handle wind noise very well, but no BT headset seems to handle the wind. I like it, battery life is ok, but the range is not as good as other headsets I have used. I sticking with the jawbone though. It works well enough in noisy rooms to keep.

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    ^^Yea, battery life and range were two big things people complained about. I might spend my money on something else... My motorola works for what I need it for...

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    I got the Jaw bone after reading posts on about 50 different web sites. I like mine a lot. I had to mess with all the ear pieces to get the best fit but I do like it. I called my wife the first time I got it had the radio on (loud) windows down and AC up. she said it sounded as if I was just talking on the phone not another head set. so she was pretty impressed. she did not even hear the radio, but could hear the wind.
    I recomend it.

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    Completely recommended as a piece of technology; however, it suffers from a few construction problems. After a month or so, the charger plug will actually pull the back plastic piece of the jawbone off. I've noticed that even the floor model at the local AT&T store shows this problem.

    It seems a little silly now that their product designers decided to attached a pressure-held charger to a pressure-held fascia piece on the unit.

    Also, the grid-looking piece is also the power switch, and the paint will eventually wear off around the place you press to activate it. If you get the silver or the black model, this won't really be an issue, but I recommend avoiding the red model.

    Having said the above, it's still the best BT headset I've ever had. The noise cancelation technology IS that good.

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    hmmm, maybe I will use my rebate on this then. I was worried about fitment too, but if it has numerous ear peices, that should help. My motorola always falls off!

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    I just picked up my jawbone in black from bestbuy. I got it on sale (cheaper then many of the sites are offering and in stock!). The few days that I have owned it, it has performed very well. I can hear people pretty clearly and many have said that I sound great with no static or noises in the background. I have done some tests via my voice mail and I sound clear and loud.

    I have small ears and trying to find a bluetooth headset to fit my small ears is challenging. The jawbone with the small ear loop works perfectly. I am so happy to find something that fits me well. I owned a blueant x3 micro and people on the other end said i sound faint and there is a lot of static. I would say give it a try and if you do not like it, return it for a refund.

    - Garrett

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    Thumbs up another positive review
    good construction, very good sound quality. It was a struggle to decide on the most comfortable earhole attachment.

    Worth the money

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    oh btw, how do we go about actually getting the rebate?

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    used my apple credit and got the black one yesterday... Works great and noise canceling is awesome... Bonus is all my friends thought it was badass

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    It is definitely a great headset! Well worth the money and it does look cool. Some say it is big, but that is not an issue for me as it is function over looks.

    - Garrett

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