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Thread: Iphone Bluetooth Headset!

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    Default Iphone Bluetooth Headset!
    just a stupid question. will the iphone bluetooth headset works on unlocked iphone?

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    yes it does work
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    damn apple bluetooth so small, i lost it at the airport about after 2 days of having it. err

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    Does it work well? The motorola bluetooth headset i have because inaudible with the slightest bit of wind.

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    I can't stand more than 6 feet away (using the BT headset) from the iPhone without it being static
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    As long as your close to your iPhone its wonderful. It works well on other phones too. The iPhone onboard bluetooth chip is just pretty weak compared to other phones.

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    I use a Jabbra BT Headset and it works fine. It does give some static if I walk too far away, but I don't need to have the phone across the house, it's more for convenience when I'm in my car or at work and am on the phone.

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    Well I'd just keep my phone in my pocket so it wouldn't be much of a problem.

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    I finally found a way to use BT with music on the iPhone. the iSkin Cerulean F1 + TX. the TX plugs into the bottom of your iPhone and the phone thinks its a speaker dock, and then it transmits to the F1. Which is actually like two single bluetooth headsets hooked together with a cable so you can wear one for talking or both for music.

    Oh and the range is great, i set it down on my desk and was able to go like 4 offices over and still have uninterrupted music. However, when I walk outside in the cold, (wind or no wind), the connection gets choppy.

    here's a review of it
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    I just got the Apple bluetooth today..... what is the average battery life?

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