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Thread: Screen protector thats not too rubbery?

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    Default Screen protector thats not too rubbery?
    So I have been using Invisible Shield since I got my iPhone and it is a really great product but unfortunately I find its too rubbery and makes touch gestures difficult. Well Im looking for a new one, I have seen Best Skin Ever but it seems to be the same stuff. I want a GOOD screen protector not just some film that wont prevent scratches and such but I dont want it to be rubbery. Any suggestions? Any comments are welcomem thanks in advance!

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    im not 100% sure of what your talking about..If it is the screen protecters that they sell at the mac store for 14-20 bucks try searching elsewhere.. There is this store called 5below(kind of like the dollar store but 5 and lower) by me in New Jersey and i know that there is more than one store.. anyways long story short I got my screen protecter there for 2 bucks. I bought a bunch and just put a new one on as needed. They also have super cheap cases and other accessories
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    same there. i am looking for a good screen protector for my itouch

    update: [ame=" =8-2"] iKross 3-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Screen Portector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for iPod touch (Clear): Electronics[/ame]
    this is the iKross brand. the ratings seem fairly good
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    I just installed the Power Support Anti Glare static cling screen protector. It feels smooth to the touch. I had the regular Power support screen protector on my 2G iphone and it didn't feel as good. I bought the Power Support Air Jacket set and it came with back cover and 2 screen protectors...glossy and anti glare...35 bux.

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    Try the anti-glare screen protector sold @ the Apple Store. It makes the screen a little less sharp but I prefer the feel over the bare screen. Your finger slides very easily across the screen.

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    I'm a big fan of the Gelascreens by GelaSkins.

    They're easy to apply and you never end up with air pockets. And they feel very similar to the actual screen.

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    I had to chime in.... I just received a mirrored screen protector from ebay and istalled it this morning. I was a bit skeptical because of the .99 price tag but figured I cant really lose anything but a dollar if it didnt fit right. Actually, it looks and feels incredibly well. Installed with no problems whatsoever. I actually got a few compliments from friends and even though the mirror finish, the screen looks about 95% clear once woken. Totally mirrored when asleep. I took a chance and i think it worked out pretty well for me. These things can't do any harm to our iPhones? Right!? I also bought a black Cozip case....looks pretty sick!

    Ebay item# 220280925578 Screen Protector

    Ebay item# 160282856000 Cozip case
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    Thumbs up Phantomskins
    I ran across a company called Phantomskins when looking for a protector for my LG-Dare. It is a touch screen and the screen protector works awesome. I had another product on it before that was rubbery like you are describing and hated it. My new one is not rubbery at all. Anyway, I just got a Touch this weekend and was reviewing this forum to see if there are any other suggestions. I ordered a Phantom today. I'll let you know how it works.

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