iKit: MediaGateUSA.com
AllKit: DealExtreme: $24.27 AllKit Cigarette Mount Holder and Charger with Full Range FM Transmitter for iPhone and iPod

I've been looking for a full car kit that will have a solid base mount, a charger, and radio mute.

So far I haven't found any real car kits that are actually a full built in unit similar to the older Nokia style kits; but the one (or two, I guess) that seem the most ideal so far are either the iKit or AllKit. They both appear to be exactly the same thing, just different branding. Both use an FM tuner (which would work fine in my area) and plug into the cigarette lighter to mount and charge. I'm not crazy about having to plug in cords, but if I have to, I have to. The biggest issue preventing me from trying either of them though, is a beeping that occurs in every demo video and every review I've been able to find.

Does anyone have any solutions on removing the beeping these kits have?

Or better yet, a car kit similar to OEM Nokia Full Install Car Ki (CARK-142) (older model).

I love the full car kit installs, but for whatever reason, they don't seem to make them like that anymore. I'm guessing due to cost and difficulty to install.

I've looked at ProClip mounts, but that doesn't help with the charging or radio mute issue, and I really don't care for the vent mounting system. I also checked out Pro Fit, which is a nicer mount in my opinion, but again it doesn't help with charging or radio mute.

Finding an ideal car kit is the most tiresome and difficult thing I've encountered, so I'd be very thankful if anyone could provide me with any insight or solutions.