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Thread: Earbud Experience- UB5 REVIEWED

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    Default Earbud Experience- UB5 REVIEWED
    For my Iphone I initially used the stock apple buds because they were convenient and I liked the attached microphone/playback control but after my ears started to literally hurt (from the way they fit and the way they ruined my favorite songs) I decided I needed to get new ones. I couldn't give up the microphone so I looked for buds.

    ANYWAYS- I ended up purchasing the V-moda Vibe Duo's for 99.99 from the Apple Store. Essentially, I regret it. With the hundreds of posts I've seen detailing how every pair they own breaks I'm not too paranoid to even use them for long periods of time. The sound in them is definitely good, good bass good mids, but if I can't even enjoy them without being scared what's the use?

    So I found my way into a trial review program for the UB5 earbuds by Ultimate Buds. Now, these buds cost $50.00, so half the price of the V-Moda, and I can already tell you that the quality difference is far from $50.00

    The Sound- What I love about these buds is that they don't seem to futz with how my music actually sounds. There isn't any exaggerated bass or extra treble. It's easy for companies to fuse in all of this fake bass just to make it sound like the response is better, when in reality it isn't. When comparing the UB5's side by side with my Vibe Duo's I could really only tell the difference when songs peaked. My go-to song for testing all headphones is "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor. There's just some great thumping beats and high note singing that really tests the functionality of a headset well.
    Call quality is also handled very well on the UB5. The best thing I think it handles in contrast to the Vibe Duo's is wind. When I would take a call on my VM's people would ask me questions like "Are you on a roller coaster?" or "Is there a hurricane?" to which I'd have to respond "no, this mic just sucks." On the other hand, the UB5 handles it very well and people never seem to wonder if I'm at an amusement park or in danger. I also sensed that the caller volume was better to as I could normally hear people better on the UB5's than I could on my VMs.
    My conclusion for sound is that, unless you listen to really fluctuating music that hits really high peaks I would say the sound difference is negligible. Whatever difference there is definitely isn't worth the $50.00 difference on the price tag.

    Comfort- The UB5s use buds that are interchangeable with the VM's so the comfort of these two are fairly equal (aka both comfortable if you find the right size silicone). However, a flaw in the design of the VM's put far too much weight on the right ear piece so when wearing them you need to clip that clip thing to your shirt or else it might fall out. The UB5 has a much lighter design and I've never found them to fall out of my ear.

    Design- The call button on the UB5 is great, easy to locate and easy to press. This is important when I'm riding my bike through crowded streets and trying to change tracks. I love how light weight they are and the fact that I don't need to worry about them falling out of my ears.

    Durability- Well, I haven't really done anything dangerous with them or stepped on them. Nothing to actually test the durability but they feel sturdy enough and I hope they are. I'm going to need them while I let my VM's collect dust before I try to sell them on ebay or something.

    OVERALL- an 8/10 for these puppies because, though they aren't perfect, they're great for the price and I'd definitely recommend them.

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    Default V-Moda Vibe update and warranty

    As we take our customers’ feedback very seriously, we wanted to let you know about new features that will improve the durability of our earphones.

    We recently identified the plug of our Vibe Duo headphones as a point that has caused a higher-than-acceptable return rate by V-MODA’s strict quality control standards. In light of this discovery we have completely reengineered our plug to a sleek, durable design that has proven to withstand the rigorous wear presented by daily use. Using a 45-degree flexible design, the reengineered plug allows an optimal range of motion while maintaining a sturdy metallic core fused to a 24-carat gold-plated plug.

    This new plug will be incorporated into all VIBE and VIBE Duo products and will be available soon at The updated products will remain compatible with the Apple iPhone, the iPod, an array of smartphones and all other portable music players.

    If your headphones ever fail, and you need to send your defective Vibe headphones back for a warranty replacement, we will happily replace them with a brand new pair.

    We firmly stand behind V-MODA’s One-Year Premier Warranty on all of our products. If you are experiencing problems with a V-MODA product, please consult our warranty page for detailed instructions on our warranty program. Our customer service team is here to promptly serve you with any questions you have regarding our products.

    V-Moda Customer Service

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