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Thread: Anyone have/seen the iSkin Solo?

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    Default Anyone have/seen the iSkin Solo?
    I'm very interested in ordering one off of their website but I'm not too sure if I should go with this or the revo2

    Suggestions please.

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    I haven't heard anything about the new iSkin case yet. But if you do decided to go with the iSkin Revo2, you should buy it from ApsProStore. You can get it there for 26.99, instead of 39.95 from iSkin.

    32GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen

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    Thanks for the heads up!, I was really looking to get the new iSkin Solo just because of the look though

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    I ordered a solo from a couple days ago. I'm with you on ordering it because of the look. But, I'm honestly satisfied with iskin in general. I have 2G and used the revo with that phone. The protection is amazing, but its a little bulky (not really, but just slightly). Now that I recently got a 3G, I was going to get the revo2 (allows for proper docking of iphone while in the case), but then they dropped the seems like the solo is the best of both worlds. The non slip stuff the case is made out of...and *clear* screen protector (not that weird 'cant see from an angle' thick as hell protector screen...yikes). The case seems to protect, while still being form fitting. I haven't gotten it yet, hoping this damn hurricane ike wont shut down, or delay the mail system, but ill let you guys know how i like it once i get it. It should be awesome.

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    Very cool! What color did you get?


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    I'm a faithful revo fan, although I haven't touched the revo^2 just because I don't have a 3G.

    But while looking at the new "solo" via the internet website, I'm not too happy with it. It seems while they've gone for this whole "new-age" "stylish" look, they compromised the security of the iPhone's front exterior. Also, the material it's made out of looks cheap, weak silicone and easily damaged...

    I'll tell you this, I've had a revo on my first-generation since I took both out of the box together. And recently, I decided my slip-on screen (the two pieces you put on the front) was getting nasty and the rubber traction was getting worn out. So I went out and bought a new one. When I took the old one off, to my surprise, my iPhone was just as perfect as it was since it's initial de-boxing. (Albeit I had to clean a tad bit of grime off the screen, it left no marks what-so-ever) So honestly, I cannot rave about the revo enough, and I'm absolutely certain the revo^2 is just as wonderful.

    Infact, if the 3G didn't have so many reported problems and require two-years of your soul; I'd switch and buy a revo^2.

    I hope this helps! Viva la Revo!

    (Also, on looking at the solo on the website, they also give only ONE screen slip-on protection, as opposed to the two on the revo)

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    My guess is that it is made out of polyurethane, like the (much thinner) shields. That also explains the odorless statement, as polyurethane is made with release agents that smell like an inflatable mattress.

    It will be interesting to see the reviews. It looks like it may be a good choice for someone who wants a more protection than a skin, and less bulk than a standard case.

    Given the price, my concern is that it might stretch out of shape when removing and reinstalling it.


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    Very cool....might get one

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