After reading a bit into replacement iphone headphones I was unsure of what to do. Six days after buying a $400 phone its hard to dish out another $100 on better headphones.

While at Best Buy I stumbled upon the Altec Lansing Airfit Earclips-S. The Package states that they are compatible with the iphone, and they had the built in microphone and control button...not in one but they were both there, also an inline volume control which could always come in handy since i love to leave my iphone in the holster. GREAT! and they were even moderately priced at $40.00.

I recently had owned a pair of Altec Lansings from their inMotion line that were designed almost the same, but the iphone ones were geared more towared jogging and were rubberized. I loved the inMotion set that i actually ruined trying to mod for the iphone. So i bought the new ones and tried them in the parking lot.

The package comes complete with silicone rubber eartips, a zippered neoprene carrying case, and attractive gray fabric cords. These are extremely comfortable to wear and they still let you hear the outside sounds around you. There is really no nice way to put it....the sound quality was crap. They definately didn't sound as good as the OEM apple headphones that came with the phone. On top of that the button only paused and played the song, didn't skip the be honest i didn't even test the microphone out...i put them all back in the package and returned them for my money back. Seems that the company went more with "Presentation is everything" instead of paying attention to the sound. Oh well.