A few weeks back I bought the Incase slider case for my 1st gen. iPhone. I took it home put it on my desk and forgot about it. The next week I bought a 3G. So when my friend asked to buy the 1st gen from me I said sure I told him that I would give him the new case I just bought for it in the deal. So when I opened it and found that it was cracked I was not happy at all. After all its a $35 dollar case. I called the Apple store were I got it from and the were no help because i was past the 14 day return date. I explained to the person on the phone that I have the case still in the box and that it as never put on the phone. They did not care.. I could not believe that I bought a case that was cracked in the box (before i even bought it ) and they would not do anything for me. That drove me nuts. So I called Incase. They rep there was help full , he told me that they should have just replaced it for me but that they do this kind if crap all the time. He told me to send him an email with all my info, go on the incase web site and pick one out for my 3G and he would send it to me. I am going to send the old one back. Thats how things should be done.
I just wanted to BUMP Incase a bit because they back up their customers and their product.
Some pictures of the case.