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Thread: Kensington LiquidAUX Deluxe Car kit - iPhone 3G

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    Default Kensington LiquidAUX Deluxe Car kit - iPhone 3G
    After getting tired of my iPhone 3G sliding all over my passenger car seat I started shopping around for a car kit that would do 3 things I wanted:

    1. Hold the iPhone in a visible location so I quickly see w/out having to take my eyes off the road for a long period of time.

    2. Charge the iPhone while playing.

    3. Play music through my Auxilary input w/out having to put the iphone in airplane mode.

    I found a winner in the Kensington Liquid AUX deluxe car kit. I ordered mine through but it's also available at the Apple store and other places. It's a bit pricey but for all it does for me it was money well spent. Holds my iPhone 3G in place, charges, easily adjustable, plays music while not losing the phone option in case I get a phone call & even comes with a steering wheel mount remote so I wouldn't have to reach over and touch the screen to change music!

    For those looking for similar options, you won't be dissapointed with this product. I've tried a Griffen kit but it failed miserably & broke within a week.

    Apple Store (U.S.) - Kensington LiquidAUX Deluxe for iPhone and iPod

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    So can you control the iPhone via its own screen still correct? The one thing i hate about my ipod cable is that i HAVE to go throught the headunit to control it and it takes way to long to cycle through artists (and it doesnt charge anymore). I also have my phone mount in my cig lighter but its not a charger base. This seems perfect for me.

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    That looks pretty nice!

    Wont work for me, unfortunately. I have a Honda S2000 and the location of the cigarette lighter is right where my elbow sits on the arm rest. No way I could have something like that sticking out. I think Im going to have to find a similar kit that you can wire into the cars wiring system.

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    Thanks for the review. I was looking for a replacement product for my Belkin Auto-kit... and htis looks to be it.

    However, can anyone answer my question; with the weight of the iPhone in the cradle, is it actually stable in the grips of the cigarette lighter port? I've had prior experience with cradle style chargers that connect (via gooseneck) to a base in the lighter port, where the weight of the cradled device is more than the lighter port can stabilize and the thing falls to the left or right, shifts around, and moves and shakes while the car is moving.

    Can anyone speak of the charging port's grip, and if the cradle secure enough to keep from shifting/moving?

    If it's not, I may go for the non-deluxe version with just a dock plug and no cradle

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    The weight of the iphone will bring down the cradle just a tad but it holds just fine. The input actually has a rubber surround that holds in it very well.

    Yes you can still control the ipod through the iphone itself. So far I'm still very pleased with this product. I love having a remote on the steering wheel.

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    Default dead in firmware 2.1
    upgraded to iphone firmware 2.1 and now the unit will not control the phone. Any ideas?

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    I just got mine a week or so ago and it worked somewhat at first, but now the light doesn't come on and the remote won't control anything, and I get the "This accessory was not made to work with iPhone....." popup every time I pop it in the cradle. It will still charge the phone, and output the audio to the cars stereo.

    I'll be calling Kensington CS tomorrow.

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    I have a peripheral electronics ipod solution hookup and it works great... allows me to use my steering wheel in my chevy to control it or the phone itself, Only problem is the new 3g won't charge while on it as my 2g would.

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